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Show 24 - Refrigerator Beer Show

We are cleaning out the refrigerator on this show, enjoying some beer from the lower southern states of Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana. We also have a special musical guest, Nancy Apple, and talk to her about beer, livestock and morning drunks. Our janitorial guest Martin gets a little too carried away with our discussion of Brokeback Mountain. Finally, we give a shout out to our podcast friends Groucho and Chud at The Beer Report. Pour a cold one and enjoy this southern-fried show!

Beers we sampled during this show...

  • Sparks Energy Beer
  • Cream Ale, Terrapin Brewing Co.
  • Rye Pale Ale, Terrapin Brewing Co.
  • Big Hoppy Monster, Terrapin Brewing Co.
  • Restoration Ale, Abita Brewing Co.
  • Pale Ale, Olde Towne Brewing Co.

Visit Nancy Apple at or
Visit The Beer Report at

Get tore up with this mp3 here.

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Show 22 - The Wisconsin Beer Show

Midwest's largest urinalAn extra packed show filled with Wisconsin beer, an interview with Joe Galea, some great tunes and Rick has a dream about ubiquitous spotted cows and fat squirrels. You'll have to listen to find out what this all means. Join us for that and a trip to the midwest's largest urinal!

Visit Joe Galea's website at

The New Glarus brewery is found at

  • Spotted Cow
  • Fat Squirrel
  • Hop Hearty Ale
  • Edel-Pils
  • Uff-da Bock
  • Tail Wagger

The midwest's largest urinal is located in the men's room at

Download this cheese filled show right here.

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Show 23 - The Leinie Beer Show

We drink a classic beer - Leinenkuegel. Enjoy the beers with us while we visit with Lisa Morrison, the Beer Goddess and learn what she's been up to. Musical guests include Gary Primich and James Cotton from, and a special guest from here in Memphis, Nancy Apple. We also have some beer news, sex and beer advertising, and some musical reviews.

Leinenkugel beers we sampled during the show...

  • Honey weiss
  • Red Lager
  • Amber Light
  • Creamy Dark Lager
  • Apple Spice

Visit Lisa Morrison just about anywhere on the internet by Googling her.

You can find Gary Primich and James Cotton at

Nancy Apple can be found at

Download this beer filled show right here. Bottoms up!