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Show 54 - Unibroue Redux and Beer Drinking Songs

Join as we celebrate! Dick is celebrating finishing both the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon and the ING New York City Marathon. It's time to drink! We listen to some great drinking songs and encourage our listeners to provide their list of «favorite beer drinking songs» - whether the song is about drinking, or just one you always hear when you are drinking - go ahead and post it!

Show snacks are store bought chicken wings (fire and mustard) and fried chicken livers.

Unibroue beers we sampled on this show...

  • La Terrible
  • Chambly Noire
  • La Blanche de Chambly

Listen to this redux here.

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Show 53 - Great Pumpkin Beer Show

We are joined by the Beer Wives on this show to review a medley of Pumpkin Beers. Since it is that time of the year, specialty beers are popping up and we are not afraid to try them. Music today is LIVE blues (not necessarily live people, but live music) since thats the way to really listen to it. Performers are Albert King, Black Crowes and Barbecue Bob (the real dead one). Audio on this show is a bit weird so try not to get uncomfortable with mouth-breathing noises... We also discovered that getting the beer wives settled down to do a show is sort of like herding cats.

Beers we sampled this show...

Download this slice of pumpkin pie here.

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Show 52 - Bayhawk Ales Beer Show

Join us as we talk about The Pilsner Room - a great pub in Irvine, CA that is home to the Bayhawk Ales brewery. It might be the greatest beer you never knew you drank! Many thanks go to Chris Wright, the brewer who was decent enough to tolerate Rick watching him brew!

The music samplings start to explore the rock-a-billy sound that was born in Memphis - Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and others. We also discuss the founder of «metal» - Link Wray and the song Rumble - which you might recognize as the fight scene song from the 80's classic movie - Streets of Fire. (confirmed!)

Clarkes Manatee Pic!

We ponder the big questions in life, such as where did the Manatee go and can you find lederhosen in Memphis? Memphis had a moment of national fame - a manatee on a bender who wandered up the «big muddy» to find itself in the harbor at Mud Island.

Show snacks - jalapeƱo chips.

Bayhawk Ale beers we sampled during this show...

  • Bayhawk Ales Honey Blonde
  • Bayhawk Ales Amber Ale
  • Bayhawk Ales Chocolate Porter

Download this Rockabilly toe tapper here.