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Audio Extra - Beer News

He's Back! Finally we catch up to world traveler and boulevardier Rick Lyke to get the global roundup of what's happening in the world of beer. Braving the weather, Rick fills us in on what's going on. Enjoy catching up with us.

Download this late breaking news segment here.

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Show 82 - Red, White, Black and Blue All Over Show

No, its not a typo. We are putting this show out before show 81 because of the timeliness of it. Where is show 80? You find out on show 81, get it? Join us as we sample some great new beers (or are they?) from Dogfish Head. We talk with Claus from Dogfish, get a field report from Rick on brewfests in Colorado, and get the blues news from our musical guest, Blind Mississippi Morris. Morris is in danger of losing his home due to pressure from the city (a.k.a. The Man). We do our part to help save this bluesmans home and you can too by calling (901) 516-8956 to make a donation. Listen to the show for address and donation information and enjoy some great tunes from an authentic Delta bluesman.

Beers we enjoyed on this show:
Dogfish Head Red and White
Dogfish Head Black and Blue
Dogfish Head ImmortAle
Dogfish Head Raison d'Extra

Download this extra blue show here.

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Show 79 - Another Damn Belgian Beer Show

It is not that we don't love a good Belgian Beer. It just seems like we are always drinking them. But that is not such a bad thing, is it? We dive into some left-of-center Belgians, courtesy of Kenny, Friend of Show, as we recover from our gigantic neighborhood barbecue that we catered. We crank up the bluesometer with some guitar-driven blues from Tommy Castro, our buddy George Thorogood, and Tinsley Ellis with a song about monkeys that leads to some life observations - sort of. And, sadly, we make an announcement about Rick's new field position. Could this be a good thing in disguise? Will Rick discover new beers in the wilderness of Colorado? Or will things go to hell in a handbasket resulting in Rick turning to a life of panhandling and dancing a spastic little jig in front of tourists for quarters - again. Tune in and find out!

Brother Thelonius from North Coast Brewing
Trois Pistoles from Unibroue
Abbey Brown Ale from Corsendunk
And lots of Jack Daniels

Download this tearjerker and monkeyspanker of a show here.

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Show 78 - Clarkehead Brewery Show

Yep, its true. We have the ever elusive host of Dude Night and proprietor of Clarkehead Brewery on tap for this show! These cat based beers (a tiny portion of feline matter in every bottle) go down smooth. Too bad the conversation doesn't. Listen in as Phil shares his secrets for fantastic brews and food pairings. Things get ugly when we start discovering crystal meth as alleged secret ingredients and pair it with lung cancer. Listen to the show and you will understand all. Great beers, great tunes and a great soliloquy on why Beer is Art from Phil. Bottoms up!

Beers sampled this show:
Clarkehead Brewery Clarkeweizen
Clarkehead Brewery Fat Abbey
Clarkehead Brewery Hairy Porter

Download this show from the Big Foamy Head Hops and Meth Labs here.

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Show 77 - Boscos Beer Show

Sorry for the delay folks, but the audio on this show has been quite difficult. First off, its a live show, our first attempt and we are a bit challenged on the mic. Having said that, the conversation and beer could not be better! Chuck Skypeck, brewmaster and founder of Boscos in Memphis, shares a lot of wisdom and experience with us about brewing beer, pairing food with beer, and a somewhat x-rated version of Rick tapping the keg! Great stuff every beer fan will enjoy. We also are joined by many of the folks at Boscos, staff and patrons alike. Add to that some great music by Blues Entertainer of the Year Tab Benoit and you have something for everyone.

Download this micro-brewed show here.