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Show 96 - Good and Evil Beer Show

We take on the spirit of the Holidays and the lord of the damned. You figure out which is which. Beer News, a double shot of Beer Haiku, some Memphis Music, and the Gilligan Death Watch continues! Plus yet another nomination for Sexiest Beer Alive from our good friends at Should I Drink That. And a journey into beer cocktails, which has it's ups and downs...

Beers sampled on this show:
Satan Gold
Santa's Private Reserve
Brew Bubba's Who Put Coffee in my Stout
A Down Low (cheap beer and Jack Daniels!)

Get down low with this show here.

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Show 95 - Blues Beer Show

Welcome to a special Big Foamy Head show. We take a trip to downtown Memphis to see one of the legends of blues and the chitlin circuit, Bobby Rush. He put on a show in a very tiny venue. Too bad for him, that made it easy for us to get at him. Enjoy some real down home blues and the closest thing to Memphis you're going to get unless you get off your ass and come visit us.

Beers sampled this show:
Dogfish Head Immort Ale (leftover)
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (bar beer)
And assorted other bar goods.

Download this show here for a blues Rush.

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Christmas Video from Beer Safari

Here it is, the long-awaited Christmas extravaganza. Screw wise men and camels, we're drinking beer! A little Holiday love from all your favorite beercasts...

Featuring the talents of:

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Show 94 - Sexiest Beer Show

Sexy Beers? Yep. We launch our crusade to find the sexiest beers alive. If People magazine can do it, why not us? We are joined by friend of show Phil, host of My Life As A Foodie who brings his soft core porn nomination to the table. We have the ever popular Beer News with some up to the minute hot off the press news. As a matter of fact, we report from the future... Tune in to find out how.

Beers we sample this show:

Sammiechlaus (14% evil bastard of a malt liquor)
Sierra Nevada Celebration
Dogfish Head Immort Ale

Download this sexy show here.