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Show 121 - GABF 2008 WBF 14

This is a great show.  Join us at the World Brewers Forum - the Keg Ran Out Clubs KROC annual fund raiser.  Interviews with notables such as James Spencer Basic Brewing Radio/Video with Andy Sparks in tow, Gary Glass AHA, Randy Mosher author of «Tasting Beer», Tony Simmons President and Head Brewer of Pagosa Springs Brewery, CO, Greg Koch Stone Brewing Company with James Watt Brew Dog Brewery, Scotland followed by Dana and Dev of KROC.

Background music courtesy of Ram Jam - «Black Betty».   Beers provided by many anonymous but dedicated brewers - all downright tasty, and alcoholic.

Click here and get your wbf on...

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By admin, 13 years and 1 month ago

Show 120 - Not So Beer Show

We stopped drinking beer. Sweet! At least for this show anyway. Zaccman hooked us up with some outstanding berry mead (cause I can't say melluh, memel, uh mel-o-mel), Mike's prison-like hooch (courtesy of Johnny Max) is ready, and Rick has a few other bottles he pilfered, so we get to drinking! Some beer news marking the passing of the head of Leinenkugel, Beer Haiku and more...

Not beers consumed this show:

  • Zaccman's Very Berry Melomel
  • Mike's/Johnny Max' Purple Panty Dropper
  • Sweet Melissa
  • Some dude's entry #1855

Download this honey of a show here.

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