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Show 149 - The Political Show

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It is not our nature to discuss politics, but its been getting too weird in Mempho. Dick and Mike go offsite (to Mike's house) to mull over the craziness that is southern politics. And to drink a couple of beers!

In Memoriam:

  • BrewDog Paradox Smokehouse
  • Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary

It's not just the heat, its the humidity. Maybe that's why there are so many lunatics in Memphis Politics. We cover the lows (cause there ain't that many highs) and diverge into a few misstatements of facts about currently living craft brew icons (sorry I thought you were dead Fritz).

Music Samplings:

  • Is You A Viper - Alex Chilton
  • I Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl - Bessie Smith

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Shot Buddy

Shot BuddyThe new app from!

Follow along in the story as you take a shot. Every time you take a shot, click the shot glass. Its that simple.

This application is meant to be entertaining, not instructional. Drink responsibly and don't overindulge. It's just dumb.

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Show 148 - Beer Bloggers Conference Promo Show

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"What's bugging Mike?" Actually, this time it's "What's Bugging Dick!" The TBS show "Memphis Beat" is ripped to shreds.

In Memoriam:

  • Oskar Blues Gubna Imperial IPA
  • Abita Harvest Wit
  • Brasserie Dieu du Ciel! "Aphrodite"

Interview: Allan Wright, Zephyr Adventures - 0:36min:38sec
Are you writing or rating or videoing about beer on a regular basis? Then the Beer Bloggers Conference is for you. Come and join like minded people. More details available at

Interview: Chad Melis, Oskar Blues 0:46min:33sec
The host with the most - a great day of promoting Oskar Blues, canned beer, the grocery store bill and the Beer Bloggers Conference.

Interview: Erik Boles 0:55min:08sec
Host promoting BeerTapTV @ Shows include Beer Buzz and Taste Buds. Check them out.

Internet videos have a long lifetime - remember the old intro to kegging video?

Music samplings

  • Tab Benoit - Night Train
  • Roy Milton - Bartenders Boogie

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