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By admin, 16 years and 6 months ago

Show 70 - La Folie Beer Show

Join us for this premium show with premium beer and premium guests. We kick off the show with the falling-off-a-log homebrew from the Brewhouse, courtesy of Brew Bubbas. And then we get into the beer star of the show, La Folie from the New Belgium brewery, by way of James Spencer of Basic Brewing. This is an exceptional Flemish Red Ale and an experience for any beer afficionado. And then things take a turn for the blues with our special guest, Chris Thomas King.

You may know Chris from his appearances in the movies O Brother Where Art Thou, Ray, and others. But you may not know about some of his recent works, a special album reflecting his losses in Hurricane Katrina. This album, Rise, is deeply personal and got Chris a nomination for a Handy Blues award for Best Blues Song of the Year for Baptized in Dirty Water. We spend a LOT of time with Chris, who you'll find is a very passionate blues man. You can purchase this CD and more from Chris Thomas King at iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and just about any other online music outlet.

Pucker up and download this blues-filled show here.

The second part of the Chris Thomas King interview can be found here.

Check out the official debut of the Intro To Kegging by Rick of Big Foamy Head:


#1. Craig Belanger, 16 years and 6 months ago

Dick & Rick, another hit!
Chris Thomas King was quite sobering. We have a couple of friends down in New Orleans right now doing some volunteer work. We spoke with them last night and can't believe what it still looks like after all this time! We take too much for granted and sometimes there are things we'd rather not look at since it doesn't involve us. Nice job!

#2. Rick, 16 years and 6 months ago

Chris Thomas King... incredible. That guy is just amazing. Great interview. I may need to relisten, can't remember if you talked about beer. 😀

Man... what a great thing for you guys to get an artist of his caliber to sit and talk for more than a couple seconds. He certainly had a message he wanted to get out there. I only have two of his albums, but using iTunes I'll probably get another... that's where I got the first two.

I will admit... for a second during your interlude song, I thought you'd started the song «Neutron Dance»...

#3. Rick, 16 years and 5 months ago

Man, that's a great video for those who homebrew and those who think they might want to homebrew. Great insight, good visuals and an amazing topic - beer/homebrew. Well done Rick - look forward to more on the evolution of the homebrewer.

#4. BuBBy, 16 years and 5 months ago

Awesome video! Very nice setup you have there. I can definitely see the benefits to kegging vs bottling. That pump/self starting siphon tube is sweet. I have to look into getting one of those.

#5. Brian Richards, 16 years and 4 months ago

Thanks Rick, that was pretty informative. I am just getting into kegging and that answered a lot of questions that I had. I am going to be kegging up three different homebrews for my buddies wedding in a few months. Now I feel a little more confident about doing it right.

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