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By admin, 15 years and 5 months ago

Show 73 - Porter Beer Show

Anchor Porter Indulge us. We had a lot of Porters in the Beer Studio. We had to do something with them, so we did a porter beer show!! What else would you expect from your friends at BigFoamyHead?

We recorded on an infamous date for us Memphians - the day Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, TN - which we paid our respects to.

Our music offerings continue to feature artists who will be at the Memphis In May Music Festival.

Blog and video promotions include Lisa Nova does 300, Chef Bruce Paton and Beer, Beats and Bites.

Beers we sampled this show...

Give your luggage to the porter, find your seat and listen here.


#1. Clarke, 15 years and 5 months ago

Brilliant job on this show, guys. Very cool of you both to give honors to Dr. King on his special day.

OK, so thanks for the porter history lesson. That was a lot more than I knew. Consider me stumped, because I honestly had no idea Guinness started as a Porter. I know Stouts evolved from Porters, but I had no idea they actually had named it «Guinness Porter.» Doesn't have the same ring to it, does it? :-)

Clove on chicken wings? Mike, I have to try that. That sounds fantastic. Nothing goes better with beer than chicken wings - nothing. Any chance you can share your recipe with me?

Bayhawk just ain't my cup of tea - sorry guys. Can't say I've tried their Porter, but their Pale Ale is crap, as is pretty much everything else I've had from them. I appreciate that you guys liked 'em, but it's just not for me (or the rest of the guys in my camp).

Hey, Green Flash still not answering their phone? :-) Those bastards! Don't they know who Big Foamy Head is? is really cool. Thanks for the link. I love beer pairings. I've been hooked on this book called Beer Captured for a while, and not only does it give homebrew recipes for really well-known world beers, but they also give serving suggestions for each, as well as pairing suggestions. I think beer/food pairing is what it's going to take to give beer the kind of street cred that wine's been enjoying for a long time.

Check out Beer Captured on, if you haven't seen it yet. And don't take away Dick's man card. The theatre is not my favorite place. Maybe he just doesn't like it. Wait for the DVD, brother!

Cheers guys. Thanks again for a great show! 73, and still going strong.


#2. David R. Gardiner, 15 years and 5 months ago

Spring is in the air.
I think of friends from days passed
and raise my glass high.

#3. Brew Bubba 1, 15 years and 5 months ago

Another great job. I was disappointed that we didn't get to hear Dick reviewing his porter. However, listening to you guys drink Rick's BORP, I got a might thirsty!!!

I enjoyed the show.
What will seventy-four bring?
More great beers, I'm sure!

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