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By admin, 16 years and 4 months ago

Show 103 - Gueuze me?

«Gueuze me? What'd you say?» Man, the jokes write themselves!

Gueuze is a wonderful form of lambic beers that are blended batches from 3 different years. Tart, acidic, effervescent and down-right yummy. This show takes a few intrepid steps into the world of mead as Rick recounts his experiences stewarding the International Mead Competition and the Home Mead Makers Competition. Dick experiments with gueuze/mead blending to perfect the «stinky feet» characteristic of the geuze. The beer was so eager to be poured it opened itself - you could take an eye out with the exploding corks flying around the room!

We have an audio meltdown as we try to Skype in Justin Davis from Davis On Draft. Justin and the guys from Big Foamy Head had a reunion at the Nashville Podcamp where Dick was a presenter. Justin has a golden voice and has been bestowed the title as «the future of podcasting.»

Our friend Sick Puppy from Should I Drink That? sent us a gift of Rogues Fathead Ale, which turned out to be a great well hopped easy drinking ale.

Music from «The Hot Monkey Love» and a beer haiku rounds out a well lubricated show.

Beers we sampled:

  • Girardin Gueuze 1882
  • Hanssens' Mead the Gueuze
  • Rogues Fat Heads Ale

and a few anonymous meads! :)

Listen for a perfectly blended show here.


#1. Phil, 16 years and 4 months ago

An all Gueze show - wow, you are all dedicated to your craft. How were your taste buds after that was over? Interesting selection. I've had many sour beers, but not a single one of those you tasted. Man, where those bottles under pressure or what? Careful out there! You guys would be the first beercast to ever suffer an injury while taping an episode. :-)

Interesting story Rick told about the bees. A friend of mine was telling me recently that the US Department of Agriculture reported recently that 22 states are claiming vanishing bee populations and that there are 25 percent fewer beehives than during the 80's. Some scientists are blaming climate changes and others are blaming the varroa mite, which feeds on honeybees. I'm not a fan of mead, but I am a fan of plants and flowers, so I am somewhat moderately concerned. I'm with Dick - I think a lot of Meads taste like feet.

Hey, great Foley work in this episode! The sound effects were killer.

#2. Brian, 16 years and 4 months ago

It was a nice surprise to hear you guys talking about two of my favorite things, gueuze and Fat Heads. I am a total hophead but in my quest a few years ago to find a beer that my fiance would drink we picked up a variety of Lindemans bottles. One of the beers was their Gueuze and she loved it even over Lindemans sweeter offerings. I was surprised that I liked it so much and now I try to sample different bottles when I can. This has even lead me to funkier beers like Flanders Reds. Proof that even a hophead's taste buds are flexible.

I live in Philadelphia but I am originally from Pittsburgh so I have been to Fat Heads more times than I can remember. I guess in you cross over poll I would be that one guy who listens to your show and goes to Fat Heads. If you ever make it to western PA it is a must stop for any beer fanatic. One look at their website will show you why. It is very easy to spend an entire evening there eating, drinking and hanging out. Besides the Fat Head's Ale (also known as Rogue Younger's Special Bitter)made by Rogue they have a Belgian tripel brewed for them called Head Trip. I am not sure of the brewer.

Thanks for another great show.

#3. Administrator, 16 years and 4 months ago

Hah! We found the one guy who fits the cross section! Thanks for commenting Brian. Good to know you're out there. :)

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