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By admin, 14 years and 4 months ago

Show 104 - Big Foamy Head 101

What is this whole craft beer thing about anyway? In this show we take a giant step backwards and reintroduce ourselves and our show to some of the new listeners that have been cropping up. In this show you will learn about:

  • What a beer really is - and is NOT
  • The difference between Ales and Lagers
  • Craft Beer vs. Conglomobeer
  • Different styles of beer, and why it matters
  • How to taste a beer and what to look for
  • Beer and Food - how to pair
  • and more beer knowledge!

We know we are not covering all the bases, but we do cover quite a bit, plus have the regular segments - Beer News and Beer Haiku - and some great music from Terry Wall and the Wallbangers, Further Down, and Little Ed and the Imperials.

Beers sampled on this show:
Lefthand Smoked Goosinator Dopplebock
Ricks Homebrew Dopplebock
Ommegang Belgian Chocolate Indulgence
Avery and Russian River Collaboration Not Litigation Ale

Longtime listeners, please weigh in with all the things we left out!
Download this beer-soaked bit of education here.


#1. Phil, 14 years and 4 months ago

Hey dudes, just getting a chance to listen to this show. It's Episode 104, but the MP3 says Episode 105. Is that right? Maybe I'm drunk.

More later.

#2. Phil, 14 years and 4 months ago

Anyway, whether it's episode 104 or 105, you guys did a really great job explaining the basics. It never gets old, even when you know all about it. You guys did an excellent job of making a «Dummies Guide» out of it. Some of us dummies need that sometimes. :-)

It's pathetic to listen to people bitch about an $11 bottle of beer. If you want to taste the worlds best wines, you have to spend hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars. To drink the worlds best beers - it doesn't cost even near that amount. Outside of Sam Adams Utopias, the majority of the worlds best beers can be purchased for well under $20. And beer is equally complex, as well.

Glassware is important too. Use the right glass.

Sometimes I'll bring a really good beer, or some of my homebrew, to a friend's house and they'll pull out these cheap glasses that they keep in the freezer. You know what I'm talking about - these straight glasses that you drink kool-aid from, promotional glasses that you might be given when you fill your tank with Premium at a gas station. I could even handle a pint glass if that's all you had, but frozen glasses? I blame Budweiser for ruining everyone's taste buds.

96% of the US drinks one type of beer? What an incredible stat. That's just sad. Americans need to pull their heads out of their asses. I'm constantly amazed at the kind of crap their willing to put in their bodies on a regular basis. It says a lot about what people think of themselves.

Collaboration not Litigation is a fantastic beer. Rick sent one to me and I've just had it. It is a fantastic, dangerous beer. Very strong Belgian and it is simply one of the best of it's class. I think it's one of the better Dark Strong Belgians that I've ever tasted. Deep malt, sweet, and full of overly ripe fruit fragrances. Perfect hoppiness too. Thanks again, Rick!!

#3. Administrator, 14 years and 4 months ago

Yeah we had an opportunity to do a reintroduction and beer 101 as we've had some media exposure lately and a lot of new beer fans coming to the table. I think we'll cover a section every show going forward. And you are correct - the mp3 says 105, show says 104. Guess what will happen next week :)

#4. Mike, 14 years and 4 months ago

Phil, great point on the glassware and Bud is the Devil !!
The Collaboration not Litigation was just one fine beer.


#5. BuBBY, 14 years and 4 months ago

Awesome episode. Keep up the excellent work. Looking forward to the next one.

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