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By admin, 16 years and 4 months ago

Show 27 - New York State of Beer

Pretty PeopleNew York Beer, Beer Commercials, Pre-Valentine warmups and Hangovers - what more do you want? Listen to our ramblings as we drag ourselves through this show, suffering the ill effects of bad beer. We still manage to pull it off though, and have a special musical guest, Rusty Anderson, who has played with Paul McCartney, Elton John, Santana, and many more. Rick cooks some fantastic ribs as well. And you can also learn who these pretty people on your right are. Here's a hint - some of them are us!

Beers we sampled on this show...

  • Schmaltz Brewing Company He'Brew Genesis Ale
  • Schmaltz Brewing Company He'Brew Messiah Bold
  • Brooklyn Brewery Co Pennant Ale 55
  • Brooklyn Brewery Co East India Pale Ale

You can purchase Rusty Anderson's music at CD Baby. Also visit his website at

Check out Rick's Superbowl Ribs here.

Download this hungover show here.


#1. Administrator, 16 years and 4 months ago

Gads - that's one of the worst pictures I've ever seen of myself. Time for liposuction on the 3 or 4 extra chins I got going there. Just a clerical correction, Lager Yeast is bottom fermenting, not top fermenting. One of those things I knew was wrong just about as soon as it left my mouth.


#2. Groucho, 16 years and 4 months ago

Rick, whos looking at you? With all those fine women in the front row... You could look like the Elephant man for all we care!

Been waiting a while for a new show, cant wait to listen!


#3. Susan, 16 years and 4 months ago

Just heard the show... good job boys! I want to know when I get to be a guest. Every time Tom is a guest on the show, that leaves me stuck at home with the three babies. Let me come and he can stay home with them!! I promise, I know just as much about beer as Tom. Or are you guys sexist??? (in addition to be SO sexy!!!)

Loved the picture!

#4. Administrator, 16 years and 4 months ago


The show featuring your brothers band, «The Damon Fowler Group», is in the can also... I had a listen to it yesterday - the music is awesome! We'll leave the hangover show up for a few days, then post it. Tsk, what bad beer does to good people.

#5. Administrator, 16 years and 4 months ago

Thanks Susan! You're welcome to join us anytime! I love the picture too. The women are all looking fine. Tom looks like he just did something naughty though! 😉 You tell me!?

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