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By admin, 14 years ago

Show 39 - Birthday Beer Bash

FINALLY! We had the worst time getting this show cut together. Far too much beer went into this show. Learn about Suck and Blow, catch some R.L. Burnside and enjoy the first Big Foamy Head Partycast as we celebrate Susan's birthday.

Beers we sampled during this show...

Get your own Blues Name from Dick's nifty Blues Name Generator here!

Partycast pics here!

Download this slice of cake here.


#1. Jamie, 14 years ago

Yall have got to put the pic of the tub of beer, no telling how much was in there.

When I asked Matt how much was in there, I said, «Do you think there were 100 in there?» He said, «Well I probably had 40, so there was way more than that.»

That explains why he didnt care that I kept commenting on all the hot men at the party!

#2. sickpuppy, 14 years ago

Suck & Blow! wow! Great show, you guys should pimp yourselves out for parties more often! :)

#3. Father Spoon, 14 years ago

I'm changing my name to Kenny just so I can listen to that «Kenny I need you» over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

I hope there's a whole slew of pictures from this episode. Sounds like yinz had a BLAST!

#4. Clarke, 14 years ago

Fun show! Loved the suck & blow shot commentary. And you girls are absolutely right - women love fruity beer. The fruitier the better.

#5. Susan, 14 years ago

what a fun party!!!! That was by far, my best birthday yet!!! I am so glad that we recorded it!

#6. Dan the man, 14 years ago

Jamie is the hottest beer babe. You gotta post more pictures!

Awesome show!

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