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By admin, 17 years and 4 months ago

Show 62 - Tyranena Beer Show

We drink beer, listen to music and chat a bunch. What else would you expect from the Big Foamy Head beer studio?

Listen to some blues Mike Morgan and the Crawl, Stax Music artist Ann Peebles and some Walter Trout.
Check out a new series of videos on YouTube God, Inc.. It's funny, well done, professional stuff!

Beers we sampled this show...

Download this paint fume fueled show here.


#1. Clarke, 17 years and 4 months ago

Enjoyed the show guys, thanks so much. Music was cool too. Great solo riffs. How come no one solos anymore? It's a lost art.

Dick, the «Original Gangster» thing made me laugh out loud. I had one of those «Ooops, did anyone hear that?» moments here in the office.

Again, loved «Beer News». It's my favorite segment now, hands down. Beer, it's your best friend, you drink a lot of it.

The beers you guys had sound pretty sweet. The Bitter Woman IPA sounds like it's right up my alley. I like sweeter tasting IPAs over the giant hop missiles, so that sounds excellent to me.

SRM = Standard Reference Method

Regarding burning candles - it's totally acceptable, if the room smells like . . . well . . . ass or something. Whatever makes it smell better is OK - totally within the man rules. In fact, Dawg gave me 2 hop-scented candles for Christmas. They smell so cool, I don't want to burn 'em.

Hey, Gonso wants one of those thongs. Does he get 5 bucks if we sent you guys a picture of him in it? 😀



PS: Nice beer room! Love all that artwork.

#2. Rick, 17 years and 4 months ago

I love the video. I haven't heard the main show yet, but needed to comment on a couple things.

1 - Studio B rocks! Really, it is border with the «inspirational» title there, mainly because I've wanted to do something kick ass at home - not necessarily using the same colors though 😀

2- the Schwarzbier you tried is very nice. I love this style of beer, the dark lager. So light in body and big in taste. I haven't seen a bottle of that in some time, but now it's on my imaginary list of things to keep an eye out for.

Looking forward to the main show. You guys are great.

#3. Groucho, 17 years and 4 months ago

Those sound like some great beers! How can they be soooooo small?

The news segment is growing on me. Where is Rick during the recording of that segment? Is it live?

Another great show.


#4. Administrator, 17 years and 3 months ago

Rick Lyke ( is out of North Carolina. We call him up close to the date that we're going to post the show and plug his section in. That way the news isn't two weeks old - and already covered on multiple podcasts. Glad you like the segment, it's always nice to get some positive feedback.

#5. CAmes, 17 years and 3 months ago

The «barley-wine style ale» nomenclature is legalese. Something to do with making sure we morons don't confuse beer with wine.

#6. sickpuppy, 17 years and 3 months ago

Great show guys, I love the beer news addition, it sounds awesome! Sounds like some great beers as well. Hope you guys aren't too sick of barley wine style ales, you have one coming your way from PA!

#7. Drunkpup, 17 years and 3 months ago

Monchhof beer from Kulmbacher brewery is some of the finest beer selections that they have in Germany. They also have a fine Landbier, which is my favorite, I think is an export style beer. Very good stuff. I have been on the Schwartzbier kick lately, guess because it is cold.

I have lived here for about 5 years now and could recommend some good beers, if you like. That is if you can get them there.

Love the show!

#8. Administrator, 17 years and 3 months ago

Thanks Drunkpup!! It sounds like you're in Germany. My sister was there for several years when her husband was in the army. Actually my niece was born there. My heritage is German/Prussian so it's good to know the BFH show is making it to das Vaterland. 😉 Thanks for listening.


#9. Rick, 17 years and 3 months ago

So, I am getting through the last half of this show. Walter Trout is must see entertainer. We saw him last year and were simply blown away at how great the night was... oh yeah, the boy can play.

#10. Francis, 17 years and 1 month ago

Hey guys - thanks so much for plugging «God, Inc» and «Buttleman»! You have a cool show here. I'll download the whole episode and check it out, but I wanted to drop a note of thanks for the support. Cheers!

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