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By admin, 18 years ago

Show 30 - The Beer Babe Show

Beer Babes\Its the show we have been waiting for! Jamie and Susan join us to give a feminine perspective to beers and women who drink them. And get quite a buzz in the process. We work our way though a lot of beers from New Glarus, Sierra Nevada, Pyramid, Youngs, Spaten and a few homebrews. Musical guests include James Cotton and Lavelle White. One of our better shows, so enjoy!

Visit Texas Music Group for James Cotton and Lavelle White.

Download the official Chick Beer show here!

Beers sampled on this show...


#1. Susan, 18 years ago

Guys!!! The show was GREAT! It was fun re-living the moments (especially, cause I didn't remember the last half of it... the brew clouded my memory!)

I hope we get invited back!!!

#2. Andy Kasperbauer, 18 years ago

It was fun to hear those crazy memphis girls trying to discern the tastes of the different beers. If they really want to try a good beer, they need to come to San Antonio and try some Shiner Bock.
The King

#3. CAmes, 18 years ago

Good show. Can you post a beer-by-beer listing of what you tasted?

#4. Rick, 18 years ago

Okay, I've added a list of the beers I remember hearing during the show. Check the main page for links.

#5. Christy, 18 years ago

Great show! They should be regulars on the show.

#6. Susan, 18 years ago

ooh, love the list! This beer babe recommends #1 and #2 for all of you non-beer drinking babes out there. Good stuff!!

#7. MattPaul, 18 years ago

AWESOME! its refreshing to hear a funny, but clean, show. The beer listings were very helpful, my wife is ready to get some of the raspberry tart beers for herself. I'm thinking of waiting and surprising her on mothers day!

#8. Jerry, 18 years ago


I'm sorry you can't enjoy the New Glarus beers more often. Being from the Milwaukee area - I'll enjoy them for you. My wife likes #1 & #2 also.

#9. Melinda, 18 years ago

Yall are naturals. Hope yall get invited back. If you do, see if you can bring your funnel and beer guzzling hat, ya know the pack two in, hook up the plastic straw..and you are set. Jamie, is there treatment for a damaged palate?

#10. Andrea, 18 years ago

Great show! Love the beer babes - too bad there wasn't a picture of Susan with the stripper pole :) maybe next time...

#11. Ellen, 18 years ago

What a show! Those Kasperbauer women really DID get funnier the more they drank! Shouldn't it be illegal or something to mention Zima on a beer show? I drank a Sweetwater blueberry beer tonight in your honor.

#12. Jamie, 18 years ago

Rick- it was good to see you last night and recap our show. I am ready for beer babe #2. I will email the pic we took last night, it looks great! Good seeing you again!

#13. Groucho, 18 years ago

Wow! Great show. I have said it before and will surely say it again... There is something about a womans voice... It washes out my ears froom all these guys talking about beer!

I loved this show... I was feeling for ya when the girls started talking about husbands... LOL... I thought you 2 had a shot!

Keep it up!!!


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