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By admin, 15 years and 4 months ago

Show 125 - Mikkeller Beer Show

We get to sample some really great beers this show from a very talented Danish Brewer.  Mikkel Borg Bjergsø is running Mikkeller as a one man operation. Mikkel is a «gipsy-brewer» - he rents into breweries, brewing in Denmark, around Europe and the United States.

We also recorded the Christmas Beer Tasting from the KROC annual party.  Scott Jackson did a great job presenting the beers - post here.

Dave Browns pictures from a German Brewery - post here.

Beers we sampled this show...

- Jackie Brown
- Struise Mikkeller (Elliot Brew)
- All Others Pale Ale
- Stateside IPA
- Big Worse Barleywine
- Some anonymous mead we're pretty sure was Mikes Purple Panty Dropper.

Music by James Hunter, The White Stripes and many other samples in the beer-music pairings.

Technical difficulties and issues abound in this offbeat disjointed venture to Denmark, but by the power of editing out huge chunks and several redo's we pulled it off!

Tongue tied and addled audio is here.

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#1. Phil, 15 years and 4 months ago

I have no idea how you guys landed these beers, as I've never seen them (and believe me, I've looked). Sounds like the brewer is as advertised though. Interesting that he uses flaked oats in these beers - it's an ingredient we don't see a lot of. I'm sure it helps add to his own personal style.

I have had the Stone Collaboration Tripel, however. It was very good, but I wouldn't go out of my way to have it again. Nothing really super special about it, but the fact that it was such a limited release added to the mystique.

Hoppy New Year, Big Foamy Head!

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