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By admin, 17 years and 4 months ago

Show 65 - Bells Brewery Beer Show

Join us as we enjoy some of our favorite beers, those offered by Bells Brewery, Inc. out of Comstock MI. Lots of strange current events to ponder from diaper wearing astronauts to the TRAGIC loss of Anna Nicole. We're joined by Rick Lyke,, for some real beer news. Then we round out the evening with a fantastic interview with the main man himself - Larry Bell.

Beers we sampled this show...

Want to know what Larry Bell thinks about you putting fruit into his Oberon? Listen here.

We didn't do a preshow video this time, but we'd like to introduce to «Punchy» for grins...


#1. Brew Bubba 1, 17 years and 4 months ago

Bell's is one of my favorite breweries. It's always great to hear someone whose livelihood involves beer. There is no hiding the passion! While I missed your pre-show «liver-stretching exercises,» I did laugh over «Punchy.» Good skit and another great show!

#2. sickpuppy, 17 years and 4 months ago

Damn that skit was funny!! Downloading the show as I type this! I love Bells Brewery, glad we can get that here in PA

#3. Administrator, 17 years and 4 months ago

Being able to get Bells in PA is a good reason to poke fun at our friends in Illinois. We would, but we don't get Bells here in TN either. Sigh. Hope you enjoy the main audio Sick Puppy.

#4. Mike Bond, 17 years and 4 months ago

Hey guys, great show and funny video. Punchy is a «HIT» at all the parties.
I found a website called Beer Advocate. Here is the link.

Take care,

#5. Clarke, 17 years and 4 months ago

Good show, dudes. That diaper-wearing NASA nut job has such a great story, it's almost surreal. I mean, you can't script a story better than that. And imagine how pissed off she was (and how relieved NASA was) when Anna Nichole Smith knocked her off the front page 2 days later?

The whole football/soccer debate has always intrigued me. When they first started playing football in this country, it was more like rugby, and I think it was a better game then.

BEER NEWS!!! Gotta love it. AB is a total mess. Who would recommend drinking a beer near freezing? Of course, someone who's brewing beer that tastes like ass, so you can't taste it.

Awesome that you brought up «American Beer» during your interview with Larry Bell. That was such a great film, and now I want to go back and watch it again to see Bell's. I can't remember that brewery in it, but I know it'll be magic when I see it again.

Keep it up, guys. Another great show.

Holy crap! You've got another one? I can't keep up.


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