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By admin, 13 years and 8 months ago

Show 66 - Kuhnhenns Beer Show

Join us as we continue to explore Michigan beers. This time we try two samples from the brothers Kuhnhenn - Brett and Eric, longtime homebrewers gone pro. We got the hookup from our friends Jerry and Craig at BrewBubbas - one of our favorite brewcasts. Thanks guys!

We also discuss another brewcast, er... ALE cast, Ale Nuts with Lonnie Mac and his wife Moonbeam. Lonnie has the coolest beer gear around, from his homemade bar with beer taps to the Brutus 10 brewing sculpture. Checkout his site for more information.

We also feature Lonnie Mack, blues artist, and listen to a few of his tunes including the Oreo Cookie Blues. Top it off with another great Beer News segment with Rick Lyke and you have a short but content packed BigFoamyHead show!

Beers we sampled this show...

  • Kuhnhenns Dark Heathen Triple Bock (13.5% abv)
  • Kuhnhenns Simcoe Silly (9.5% abv)

Grab some Oreo's and some beer and listen here!

Again, we didn't do a preshow «liver stretching excercises» video... but Johnny Max gave us permission to post one if his Beer Science videos - Rick brewing some beer!


#1. Craig Belanger, 13 years and 8 months ago

Awesome brewday!!! Loved the video and the hop additions. Keep us updated on how the DF 90 turns out. One of my favorite brews!

PS: Loved the brew system too!

#2. Craig Belanger, 13 years and 8 months ago

PS: Great show and I'm glad you enjoyed the brews. I'll be shipping some wedding brews down to you guys soon!

#3. Rick, 13 years and 8 months ago

Another great show gents. That stout sounds very very impressive. Simcoe, by the way (and not that anyone asked or cares) is one of my favorite hops out there. Great aroma, high AAU - it makes a tasty brew.

I hadn't heard of the company before the show, you guys are doing a great job of making me want to find new brewers. Great job.

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