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Show 72 - Green Flash Beer Show

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What is a green flash? A flash of brilliant green light, before the day descends into night. People who live along the coast spend their lives hoping to see one. It is also an up and coming brewing company from San Diego that has been making a splash with their Imperial IPA. Thanks to Mike for bringing back samples from his spring break family outing to the left coast.

We also bring you more Memphis in May Music Fest Artists including Eddie Floyd, George Thorogood (doing a fantastic blues song) and Gov't Mule. In our continuing efforts to expose you our listeners to art and culture, we bring you haiku from Beer Haiku Daily. Rick Lyke updates us on Stella, Miller-SAB and a new gallery opening in London - the World of Beer. We also continue to promote the Blues Foundation.

Beers we sample this show...

  • Green Flash Brewing Company Nut Brown Ale
  • Green Flash Brewing Company Extra Pale Ale
  • Green Flash Brewing Company Trippel Belgian Style Ale

So stop staring at the sun and download this flash (in the pan) of a show here!


#1. Father Spoon, 15 years and 2 months ago

1) Howard Stern only wishes that he could get the numbers to sway the votes of American Idol. the guy is a washed up hack.
2) Girls Gone Wild is lame these days. Anyone trying to stop them must be behind in the polls to try and muster this attention.
3) Oh sickpuppy you are SO done for in this challenge!
4) That does NOT sound like George. Good job on the music guys!

#2. Clarke, 15 years and 2 months ago

Oh hell yes. Glad to hear you guys talk about Green Flash, and sorry they never called you guys back. Must be busy time down there. I like their Trippel, but agree about the Brown Ale - not much to write home about. Funny thing about Nut Browns (and a lot of English beers). The more great beer I drink, the less I care for Brown Ales, ESB's, and the ever growing «Amber» style beers. They just don't do much for me. Glad I'm not alone here.

As carbonated as that Trippel may have been, I don't think any Belgian beer pours with a creamier head than Duvel. Man, that's a tough beer to pour. It even says on the bottle «Pour unhurriedly» or something like that.

Hi-Times Wine Cellars is a kick ass place to purchase spirts, beer, wine, and fine cigars. I'm glad Mike mentioned them as well.

I couldn't agree more with you regarding American Idol. It's downright painful to think that show is as popular as it is, and see it at #1 in the ratings. I hope that talentless Sanjaya wins the whole thing and makes a debacle out of it. However, I don't believe that Stern has anything to do with this. He'd like everyone to believe that, but in reality, it's a technical support issue. 😀

Wow, look at this: There you are. Very nice, guys. You've been a huge blues supporter, so it's good to see you on that site.

Dick, that chipotle beer sounds like it could rip your throat out if you chugged it. Wow, that's hot. What inspired you to do such a thing? Sick, if you're reading this, DON'T DO IT!!! Those little bastards are hot. I love eating them, especially when they're canned in adobo sauce. That's good stuff.

They can raise the price of Stella all they like - that beer is worthless to me. If Leffe's going to be even more expensive now, that's going to make Gonso a very sad man. A six-pack of that stuff is around $9 here already.

Enjoyed the show, guys. It's always good to hear a new BFH.

#3. Rick, 15 years and 2 months ago - link on the right is not working.

Great show guys, still plugging through it. I've been reading a bit on Belgian beers, and there's a great read online if you're interested in the style and tips for brewing your own -

As for Green Flash - I have loved each beer of their's I have tried, but knowing they don't answer the damned phone is indeed troubling.

Great stuff.

#4. David R. Gardiner, 15 years and 2 months ago

Another stellar performance. Question. Do some beers lend themselves to be consumed at particular temperatures? I've always heard about the English brews being imbibed while warm. I would rather drink a beer as cold as ice. Am I missing out on flavor? Send me an email if you ever get really bored.

#5. Administrator, 15 years and 2 months ago

Dave, awesome to see you alive and well. You're Christmas card came back to us unopened. Each beer style has an appropriate serving temperature, most american pale pilsner lagers are best served ice cold because they taste like crap when they're warm. English pub ales are usually best served at cellar temperatures, 54-57 F, which is usually considered warm by us yanks! For mo' info:

Your brother from another mother,


#6. Chuck Silva, 15 years and 2 months ago

Hello listeners,
I am sorry about not responding promptly to the Green Flash Beer you might have guessed we have been very busy trying to keep up with demand. I appreciate the opportunity and will participate given another chance. I am writting from Austin, TX at the National Craft Brewers Conference where some of my peers reminded me to «tune in». I want to say that this medium seems awsome and I will be listening more when I return to San Diego. Thanks for the exposure to our modern finely crafted beers.

Chuck Silva
Green Flash Brewing Co.

#7. Administrator, 15 years and 2 months ago

Chuck, we really loved your beers. Certainly beers is more more important then chatting with us, but we certainly look forward to talking to you in the future!

Dick, Rick & Mike

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