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By admin, 13 years and 9 months ago

Show 82 - Red, White, Black and Blue All Over Show

No, its not a typo. We are putting this show out before show 81 because of the timeliness of it. Where is show 80? You find out on show 81, get it? Join us as we sample some great new beers (or are they?) from Dogfish Head. We talk with Claus from Dogfish, get a field report from Rick on brewfests in Colorado, and get the blues news from our musical guest, Blind Mississippi Morris. Morris is in danger of losing his home due to pressure from the city (a.k.a. The Man). We do our part to help save this bluesmans home and you can too by calling (901) 516-8956 to make a donation. Listen to the show for address and donation information and enjoy some great tunes from an authentic Delta bluesman.

Beers we enjoyed on this show:
Dogfish Head Red and White
Dogfish Head Black and Blue
Dogfish Head ImmortAle
Dogfish Head Raison d'Extra

Download this extra blue show here.


#1. Clarke, 13 years and 9 months ago

Well, you can't go wrong with Dogfish Head can you? All of those beers sound fantastic. I can't wait for them to be available here on the left coast. I had no idea they were doing aging in oak wine barrels. It's such a great idea and you can't argue with the results. Russian River does it with their Belgian sours and they're fantastic. Great interview with Claus too. I love their philosophy on brewing - it's true craftsmanship.

Sure was strange not hearing Rick in studio, but it was nice to hear him on the phone. Hell, it sounds like he moved to Beer Heaven.

Great discussion on beer VS wine. I too feel that beer is just as complex and sophisticated as wine is - especially now. Brewers have made great strides to make beer with the same kind of depth that wine has. Beer pairs with food just as well as wine does too. Drink more beer.

So is the city basically trying to take Morris' house away from him to develop the area, or kick him out because they think the house isn't up to code? They tried this «imminent domain» crap over here a few times, so they could widen the freeway. It was really sad too, because there were some old people who'd lived there for years and were forced to sell and move elsewhere. What happened next was disheartening - they tore down all these houses and ended up scrapping the idea because of «logistical problems».

Utter bullsh*t. Is this how we treat our citizens now? This poor guy can't see and just wants to be left alone and play music, and help kids stay out of trouble. The city can't help this guy out? That's horrible. What a total bummer.

#2. Administrator, 13 years and 9 months ago

Morris is getting put to the curb by the Man. The city wants to raze the property and build government-subsidized housing. Mississippi Morris wants to open his home to the children of the neighborhood, a la Stax back in the day. The concept has been proven time and time again: give the kids something to do and it keeps them out of trouble. Plus, he's a real bluesman, doing his thing out of the love of the music, and not for a paycheck. Nobody gets rich off the blues.
Always glad to hear from you Clarke, and we look forward to more Dogfish coming our ways...

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