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By admin, 13 years ago

Show 88 - Stone and Lagunitas Show

Things go downhill rapidly in this installment of Big Foamy Head despite Christy participating. Travel beers from my recent outing to Los Angeles and Denver are whats on tap tonight - Stone XI Anniversary Ale and Stone Vertical Epic 070707. Plus we indulge in a special release from Lagunitas Brewing, Kill Ugly Radio. And there is a lot of bitching about the beers we DID NOT get to drink because of airport inspection nazis who confiscated the beer. Pirate haiku, GABF preparations and more. Take a listen!

Beers we swilled on this show:

Stone XI Anniversary Ale
Stone Vertical Epic 070707
Lagunitas Kill Ugly Radio

Download this well-traveled show here.


#1. Clarke, 13 years ago

Awesome intro again Dick. Fantastic! I can only imagine how long these take to put together.

I wondered if you were going to feature any of the beers you purchased when you were out here. Glad to hear most made them back. Sucks to hear that you had so much trouble at the airport. Bastard beer nazis.

Speaking of Belgian IPA's, I believe the aforementioned Achouffe Brewery makes one. Although, it's not nearly as hopped up as the IPA's we're used to.

The reviews I've heard on the Stone 11th are mixed. An equal number of people like it and don't like it. It's definitely an acquired taste. I love it and bought a few bottles for my cellar. I think this is definitely a beer that will age really well and I look forward to seeing how complex it becomes over a year or two.

Sorry to hear that the Clarkehead didn't make it back with you - but at least a couple of the bottles made it through. It was shocking to hear that the Deux was crap too. What a horribly expensive experiment. Now I know to stay away.

Of all the horror flicks you guys mentioned, nothing comes close to The Exorcist for me. That movie made a huge impact on me when I was a kid - even more than JAWS. I had a hard time being alone at night, or going into any unlit room. The scene where Father Karras walks into the room and instead of seeing Regan on the bed, he sees his mother (who's actually dead, but he's riddled with guilt over not spending time with her) sitting there staring at him - that one scene still haunts me to this day.

Brrrr! I just gave myself the creeps.

See you guys at the GABF later this week! It's gonna be awesome.

#2. CAmes, 13 years ago

I thought Stone XI was pretty good, a style-less meandering between Arrogant/Double Bastard, Ruination and Old Guardian. Thanks for the show guys.

#3. Rick, 13 years ago

Belgian IPA example: Urthel Hop-It - there are a few more too. Turns out everyone everywhere likes what they don't readily have - and in Belgium, much of their hops is old and bland.

I am so looking forward to meeting you all this week - my flight leaves in three hours for Denver!

#4. Clarke, 13 years ago

I never understood why they age hops in Belgium. Who wants to taste stale hops? We go out of our way to get the freshest hops available and use them ASAP, and they're getting these things stale on purpose.

#5. sickpuppy, 13 years ago

Great show guys! I just picked up a bottle of the Kill Ugly Radio, can't wait to crack that one open!

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