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By admin, 12 years and 11 months ago

Show 90 - Demons of Ale Show

We kick the alcohol level up a few notches with these high octane beers from Avery Brewing Co. The featured beers in this show are all named after the Devil, and cover three hellishly good, but distinct, styles: Grand Cru, Oaked Ale and Imperial Stout. We also do the absolutely worst telling of a ghost story you have ever heard. This and some post-Halloween music make this a damned fine show.

Beers swilled on this show:

Avery Brewing Samael
Avery Brewing The Beast
Avery Brewing Mephistopheles

Download this demonic show right here.

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#1. Phil, 12 years and 11 months ago

What a gift! I had nothing to listen to today and this hit the spot, like a nice cold lager.

It just wouldn't feel like Fall to me if there wasn't a Devil Beer show. Awesome selection. Did I understand correctly that the «Samael» was somewhat under-hopped? Most Quadrupels and strong dark Belgians seem to be like this, and I know it gets to me sometimes too. They're really sweet and I keep wanting that hop punch to balance it out.

«The Beast» sounds appropriately named. 😀 Holy moses - it put Rick to sleep? Now THAT'S a beer!

You know what put me to sleep? That scary story Rick told. :-) (rim shot) Seriously, though. Just hearing that little bit of Tubular Bells gives me a bit of a chill. The Exorcist is a timeless classic.

Thanks for mentioning 'Hopped Up'. I owe you guys for being so entertaining. Without you, part 3 would have been a wash. So thanks again. And thanks for including me as a part of Beer Safari. I know my show is not directly beer-related, but I'm doing my best to include it when I can.

The hop shortage and rise in the price of grain is definitely going to hurt a little, but I doubt it'll make that big of a difference to home brewers and small regional craft brewers. Beer is still not that expensive, when compared to wine (as so eloquently stated by Sam in your last show). I hope it doesn't hurt the craft brew industry too much.

Good to hear Rick Lyke again. I bookmarked his blog at which is brilliant. It took me a while to figure out what Laguanita's CENSORED beer actually was. If you ask any pot smoker, any time's a good time to spark one up 4:20 AM or PM - doesn't matter. Sounds like a good tour Rick went on.

When I found out VH was reuniting on tour, I immediately thought it would be cool to check them out. That is, until I found out how much they wanted to rape their fans for tickets. No thanks. I hear they're really good, though. Eddie's almost unrecognizable. I think he'd be a better candidate to do those Jenny Craig commercials. I mean, I'm all for keeping the pounds off. But dude - look in the mirror. Then, get your ass to In-n-Out for a Double-Double I.V.

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