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By admin, 12 years and 11 months ago

Show 92 - Road Trip Beer Show

Rick is on the road to points northwest, and Dick, Mike and Martin talk about beers brought back from the road, New Orleans specifically. We also get into a deep discussion about Tina Louise, and whether she's dead or not. Add to the mix some quality beer news and how the big beer world is going straight to hell in a handbasket. Lots of great music and great beers, so listen up!

Beers sampled on this show:
Abita Jockamo
Delirium Tremens
Rogue St. Rogue Dry Hopped Red Ale

Download this show here, but not while you're on the road...


#1. Kirk, 12 years and 10 months ago

Hello, it is Kirk, that American living in Germany again.

I have tried some of that Abita, and you are right, they have a lot of beers. So many, in fact, that when you like something you forget which one it is. I had one that I cannot for the life of me remember which one it was. But it was good.

Wanted to tell a quick story and a new (maybe?) tip for ya if you'd like.

I recently got a 20 Liter cannister of olive oil as a gift from a friend. He is from Crete and they make and use the stuff by the gallon. I have been using the stuff for everything so I can use it up.

This year I wanted to smoke a turkey so I could show the German family and neighbors how good it is. I was brushing the rack and the bird with the olive oil, which I had in a metal bowl. At some point I lost the bowl and figured my wife brought it in the house or washed it. When I went to retrieve the turkey after it was finished I found the bowl of olive oil behind the bird (how?, I have no idea). It was a bit cloudy but looked fine and I thought there was about half a liter in the bowl still and there was no way I was going to throw it out.

Yesterday, I was eating some leftovers and decided to make some noodle and toss some turkey and olive oil in it.

SMOKED OLIVE OIL is soo good. It made the whole dish and all the noodles taste like I had tossed it in the smoker.

In a couple of weeks I am going to try some other types of oil and some salt as well. The salt idea is from a Norwegian friend.

Just wanted to pass that along.

(Standard outro)

Love the show, keep up the great work.

#2. Administrator, 12 years and 10 months ago


It's comments like this one that keep me digging through all the spam this site recieves. I love the tip on the smoked olive oil. I have a turkey in the freezer to smoke next weekend as Thanksgiving was spent at relatives houses. I'll add some oil in the back and surprise the wife!


#3. Phil, 12 years and 10 months ago

Mike, I have to say - I've had many a beer, but none that ever reminded me of Tina Louise. Now I want to taste what it was that brought that on. 😀 It's hard to believe she's 73 now. I wonder if she's still hot.

Here's all the info you need on Gilligan's Island:

And may I say an excellent Beer Haiku? Anything with the words «Newcastle Brown» in it cannot be all that bad.

Keep 'em coming. I know you can make it to 100!!!

#4. Sam, 12 years and 10 months ago

Just a little correction about the defacto beer of New Orleans, it has always been Jax Beer. Jax was damaged in Katrina but is trying to make its way back into the hearts and minds of South Louisiana.

While in New Orleans you should have gone to Cresent City Brewhouse at 527 Decatur. The Red Stallion and Weiss beers are excellent.


#5. Administrator, 12 years and 10 months ago

Thanks for the correction! Didn't realize we'd said that was defacto. Jax Brewery has been around forever. And I have been to Crescent City, even bought the hat. All of their beers are excellent, but the last three times I've been to NOLA, the taps were either all closed (shortly after Katrina), or were not all available. The Red Stallion is a must have. And nothing goes better with any of their beers than the fresh-shucked oysters right there at the bar.
Also, Jax Brewery is now a cool museum/shopping place. I did a tour around what was still open, and hope they'll revive the old brerewy tour. Thanks!

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