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By admin, 16 years and 5 months ago

Show 97 - Holiday Party Beer Show

This is the time of year when you get dragged to neighborhood parties with suck beer. Not so for the Big Foamy Head folks. We have two parties of note that we attended where the beer was better than ever. More nominations for Sexiest Beer of the Year as well. Get your new year off on the right foot.

Download this holiday fiasco here.

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#1. Phil, 16 years and 5 months ago

Everyone parties over the holidays, but leave it to you guys to record it. 😀 Excellent stuff. I had no idea Dick got hammered at the GABF. Three separate segments and I never got more than a buzz. Obviously I was doing something wrong.

Interesting info about I guess they're becoming the «Wine Spectator» of beer now. It's a good thing for beer, I think. It's a sign that beer's getting some respect.

I can't imagine how cool the homebrew clubs in Colorado are. Out here, there seems to be little to no sense of community with homebrewers. There are a handful of clubs, and the vast majority of their members are ultimate snobs. Enjoyed listening to Rick's audio. Those guys sound cool. Glad you found that club, Rick. Makes me jealous.

Sickpuppy is certainly a sick puppy. That segment was hilarious. «When I need to push my date through the fence . . .» Too much. Dogfish Head certainly does play around with ingredients, and it pays off most of the time. He really hooked you guys up. A cookbook AND beer? Sweet.

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