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By admin, 18 years and 10 months ago

Sour Ale - a tart experience

I've recently had the pleasure of drinking a type of beer that I'd never had before. I had this beer in Wisconsin and again in San Diego, and have been unable to locate it anywhere regionally. The beer is a Flemish Old Brown, also known as a Sour Ale. Drinking this type of beer is like discovering beer all over again. (Before people start correcting me about what kind of beer it is, let me say that I arrived at this style definition after doing a LOT of research on what type it is - and I reserve the right to be wrong.) The best way to describe it is "pucker" beer. It has a tart taste, sour like a SweeTart sour. Excellent!

The Sour Ale, as it was called, that I had in Wisconsin was from the New Glarus Brewery. These people make very crafty beers, and this one was excellent. It came from their "unplugged" line. Every beer I've had from them has been exceptional. The other Sour Ale was consumed at The Liar's Club in San Diego when I challenged the waitress to find something like the NG brew. She did, and it was also a great beer, Petrus. This beer is described as an Ouid Brun, or Old Brown. It was a little "harsher" than the New Glarus, but just barely. For an idea of what others think, here's a review of Petrus that offers several opinions.

I encourage all readers/listeners out there to seek out and try a Sour Ale. It's a rare beer, and definitely worth the experience.

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