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By admin, 16 years ago

Show 106 - Smoked Beer Show

We get smoked up on this show. Hippie music, smoked malts, and cripple abuse. We get all shlenkerled on this show (listen and you will know what this means) and we have multiple flashbacks. Is it because of the beer or something else? You be the judge. We sample hard the offerings from the Schlekerla Brewery out of Germany. We also listen to some smoking tunes from Alvin Lee, both Ten Years After and nowadays.

Beers sampled on this show:

Schlenkerla Marzen
Schlenkerla Urbock
Schlenkerla Wheat

Fire up this fatty of a show here.

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#1. Phil, 15 years and 11 months ago

Finally get a chance to comment on this show!!!

So did you guys really get hacked by a Russian Porn site, or was that the obvious April Fools joke? I'd love to be hacked by a Russian Porn site (for any of you reading this). 😀 I love hearing Mike and Martin on the show, but this was nice to hear a show like the old days - with the 2 original hosts. It was a pleasant alternative.

Dick, congratulations on being part of the BBQ Team «The Hogfathers» (love that name - love it love it). I'm sure your chicken will be fantastic. You know what you're doing on the grill. I hope you guys make it to Memphis in May too! That would be sweet if you guys cooked there.

Smoked beers are always hit and miss with people, but it sounds like this brewery hit the mark on all fronts. I've never even heard of a smoked Marzen or wheat beer. That's German innovation for you.

Your comments on 21 were so typical of most movies adapted from books or original works. Dick, I was in full agreement with you. Rarely is a movie better than the book is was adapted from. That's why books still rule. Too bad everyone's reading less in this country, the lazy bastards.

Rick, I love your Epiphany Brewing site. It's good to keep up with what you're doing, and you're always up to something!

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