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By admin, 15 years and 8 months ago

Show 120 - Not So Beer Show

We stopped drinking beer. Sweet! At least for this show anyway. Zaccman hooked us up with some outstanding berry mead (cause I can't say melluh, memel, uh mel-o-mel), Mike's prison-like hooch (courtesy of Johnny Max) is ready, and Rick has a few other bottles he pilfered, so we get to drinking! Some beer news marking the passing of the head of Leinenkugel, Beer Haiku and more...

Not beers consumed this show:

  • Zaccman's Very Berry Melomel
  • Mike's/Johnny Max' Purple Panty Dropper
  • Sweet Melissa
  • Some dude's entry #1855

Download this honey of a show here.

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#1. LynnMemTn, 15 years and 8 months ago

Hi, this site is just too cool. Cool show! Hey Mike! Recover from the races?

Lynn Rouse

#2. Phil, 15 years and 8 months ago

Wow, this was more than just a non-beer show, it was down right Men's Night Out. Loved it, and really dug the Chuck Norris bits. And no need to continue to apologize for the harsh language. It's a show about beer. If kids were listening, it's too late for them anyway. 😉

The GABF sounds like a blast, especially since Rick has his Man Cave finished up there. Seems like just yesterday we were hanging out over there. Hope you guys have fun. Drink some for me! And visit The Bruery's booth if you can. I know Rick's excited to taste it.

Mike, you hit the nail on the head when you said you were going to slap the shit out of Rick when you saw him. Not that I think you actually should do that but I know how you feel. HogDAWG used to do that crap to me all the time and it would drive me bat shit. I'd be knee deep in IT Hell, and I'd get a picture message from him in Belgium drinking at the tasting room of Delirium, or from (fill in the blank) Brewery's tasting room with his feet up on the bar drinking beer after beer. Yeah, it was funny the first few times, but after a while it would just bum me out and make me feel like I was working too much and enjoying life too little. Who needs to be reminded of that?

No question -- Colorado is where it's at. If you love beer, Colorado is the place to be. There are so many craft breweries there it's not funny.

#3. zaccman, 15 years and 8 months ago

Glad you all like the Melomel....It was Born on 29 June 2008 (I pitched the yeast) And I bottled a month later, Regarding the BYO article, Cudos to Curt Stoc in the Spring BYO article about meads. Basically I employed the Staggard Nutrition additions. You fellas crack me up. Always Great shows, you put a lot of work into your shows..who doesn't love beer, BBQ and the Blues?? This was the least this beertard could do to say «Thank you» glad you enjoyed it!
zaccman,Chief Global Beer Tribe 2008

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