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Show 122 - MBAA/ASBC Meeting

BigFoamyHead was invited to attend a legitimate beer industry event - the Master Brewers Association of the Americas Rocky Mountain District held a joint technical meeting with the American Society of Brewing Chemists (website) at the MillerCoors brewery in Golden, CO.  The highlight of the evening was a keynote presentation «The Bitter, Twisted Truth of the Hop» by Dr. David S. Ryder, Vice President, Brewing & Research, MillerCoors.

Rick is joined by Dana Johnson (Brewery Technical Representative BIRKO Corporation) as we speak with Troy Casey, Toby Eppard and Dr. Ryder from MillerCoors.  There are excellent conversations regarding the Pilot Brewery in Golden CO, a homebrewers dream - an $80K steam fired nano brewery, and the Sand Lot brewery at Coors field.  The pilot brewery team brewed the Pre-Prohibition Pilsner that was on tap for the meeting based on a 1913 recipe.

In the second segment, Dr. Ryder who is based out of Milwaukee, WI goes into depth regarding hops as we discuss new varieties of hops, hop utilization, hop oils and extracts as well as the ever controversial International Bittering Unit measure.

Steve Presley joins us during the third segment.  Steve is the Senior Assistant Brewmaster for Anheuser-Busch, Inc. in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Steve created Michelob Dunkel Weiss, he discusses taking the beer from concept to commercial distribution.

This show is dedicated to the memory of  Matt Luhr, Head Brewer, The DAM Brewery, Dillon CO.  A passionate brewer that was taken from us too soon.

Errata: during the first segment, Rick said a lambic was a 3 year blend.  It is actually a Gueuze that is a blend of Lambics from 3 different years.

Click here to hear from the Big Boys of Brewing!

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Extra credit for anyone who can identify the transition music!


#1. Phil, 15 years and 8 months ago

If you guys are out to make other beer podcasts look bad, you're doing a knock-up job! What an intelligent, insightful show. I've always had a soft spot for Coor's. I don't regularly buy their products, but when I've had them from time to time, they've always seemed the least offensive of all of the «macro» beers available. The history of the brewery, and their attention to detail and quality - it's something I respect quite a bit.

I read a book years ago, called Beer Blast, and it detailed the war waged between Coor's and AB, and how AB was on the mat for quite a while due to Coor's success. No one has had them reeling since, but Coor's wasn't about to forget who they are or where they come from.

The Peanut Butter beer sounds like a real experiment. I wonder how that was. And speaking of experimentation, I'm not sure it's fair to Sam Caglione by saying he misuses hops. I think taking chances and pushing ingredients to the extreme to see what the possibilities are hardly qualifies as misuse. Innovation maybe?

Great interviews all around, and so well done. Awesome job, Rick.

#2. admin, 15 years and 8 months ago

Thanks for the comments Phil. We've been fortunate to have an opportunity to talk to some real industry folks recently. I've certainly learned a lot.

I didn't mean to pick on Sam Calagione of DFH. He's a hero of mine - I've been trying to reproduce his DFH 90 for years as it's my favorite beer. But, it is a terribly inefficient use of hops... I know this because I've thrown so many in my boil kettle!$!$!$ I think there is a science to precise hop usage to get the most out the hops - bitterness, flavor, aroma. It's the hand grenade versus an a-bomb analogy. Rick

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