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By admin, 15 years ago

Show 35 - The Schlafly Beer Show

MugsWe were drinking way too much on this show. Enjoy some quality Schlafly Beer and help us pronounce just about everything. The trailer park humor is all over the place as we mangle beer names, musical guests, old people and crawfish. Its a bizarre mix complete with video.

Schlafly beers we sampled during this show...

  • Pilsner
  • Hefeweizen
  • Summer K├Âlsch
  • Oatmeal Stout
  • Coffee Stout
  • Pale Ale

See us live and in color with a tribute to Maudite, Unibroue and our friends at the Beer Report. Download!

The Flying Saucer

Listen and be amazed! Download the show here.


#1. Susan, 15 years ago

OK! I do have a fact to contribute... the «Gin and Juice» version is by «The Gourds»

#2. CAmes, 15 years ago

Love the video slap-back on the Beer Report.

#3. Administrator, 15 years ago

The last 5 minutes we just stopped listening to each other and we were all having our separate conversations. To funny. We were a bit lit up.


#4. The original BeerBabe, 15 years ago

The Gourds! That's who sings Gin n Juice

#5. Groucho, 15 years ago

This is probably one of my favorite BFG shows... I think that's because you guys finally embrace the southern culture and run with it.

Great selection of beers. I love the Coffee Stout! Have it on draft whenever I can! As for the Heffeweissen. I like the style from these guys. I have not had it for a while, I will pick some up for a summer day.

I don't think you mentioned it during your show, but Schlafly has a nifty «Made with love on XX/XX/06» on every bottle. How old was the Heff?

As for the video... Wow! Its good to know that you put more production into the making of that, than any of your previous shows!!! LOL!!! Just kidding! You know this means war, and I have the Beer Report Studio interns working hard on a plan to get you back!


#6. Joe Galea, 15 years ago

You are improving with every show you do, I will be visiting the States next May or June and maybe appear at the Memphis in May Festival (here's hoping) would love to catch up with you guys and maybe join in some «beer tasting!»
keep up the good work, love the videos!

#7. Administrator, 15 years ago

Joe, we'd love to have you! Let us know and we can make sure you have a great visit!


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