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By admin, 17 years ago

Show 69 - Bear Republic Beer Show

Not your average bear, Bear Republic Brewery is our featured beer on this numerically significant show. What is it about the number 69? We forget.

Great beers and great blues with Reverend Horton Heat, Memphis' own Barkays, Tab Benoit and more.

It's that time of year again, we start gearing up for the Memphis In May Beale Street Music Festival, which announced it's lineup the day we recorded the show.

Rick Lyke provides an informative and timely Beer News Segment. Outlawing alcoholic beverage advertising on college campuses? Dumb idea. Molson-Coors axe swinging to cut costs? Sounds like union busting to us. Canadian Navy using cigarette taxes to subsidize beer? Kudos. Beer plants producing Ethanol? Great idea.

Finally, check out our new feature, Beer Haiku, courtesy of Captain Hops. Rick wields his dramatic interpretation skills to bring you mo' culture than you can stand. Well, mo' of something than you can stand!

Beers we sampled this show...

Bear with us as you download this podcast here.

The Dude Night Hop Father, as discussed during the show.


#1. Rick, 17 years ago

Did I hear correct that you got Dick to start homebrewing? Kick ass!

TMNT - I saw the preview to this when we saw Black Snake Moan - Odd. They're also releasing a new Transformers movie.

You guys hit one of my favorite breweries in the country - Bear Republic. I don't know if you mentioned them winning best small brewpub of the year in the World Beer Cup last year. Fun place, very small and the service is lacking... luckily their beers are not.

Pablano IPA? Chipotle IPA? Apricot IPA? Sounds interesting... I just had a blackberry IPA last week at a local craft brewery. It wasn't bad.

Good stuff guys, still working through this.

#2. Beer Retard, 17 years ago

Good show. I love the Bear Republic beers too. If you get a chance and haven't had it, I highly recommend trying the Hop Rod Rye.

I'm trying to hatch a plan for a Northern California beer weekend. Stops at Bear Republic, Russian River, Moylans and either Iron Springs, Marin Brewing or Lagunitas would be nice.

#3. Clarke, 17 years ago

Hey guys, the Beer Safari promotional video is still online at Google Video. It's not absent.

#4. Administrator, 17 years ago

PBN Rick, you lost me with the TMNT? NEVERMIND! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Gads. How did I miss that reference?

I can't wait to see the Transformers movie - it looks majorly cool.

Beer Retard - you can't go wrong with a beer tour of Northern California. There are some great things going on around the bay area, napa valley and sacramento. We'll look for Hop Rod Rye.

Thanks for the update Clarke. Thanks for letting me imbed your promo/Racer 5 review too! It's been awhile since I've seen it - it's gotten even better with time!!


#5. Clarke, 17 years ago

Holy Crap! Look at my ugly mug right there on your home page. It's a face only Mama could love. And I should add:
Gli renderĂ² una birra che di luppolo non potete rifiutare.

Great show, you guys. I loved to hear that Dick was brewing again. I remember he mentioned that he was going to get back into it a while ago.

Thanks for trying that Budweiser crap drink so none of the rest of us have to. Your review of it was pretty much what I figured it would be. Glad you at least got a buzz off of it. At 6% alcohol, doesn't it dull the effects of the Ginseng?

Racer 5 is still one of my favorite IPAs, and by far their best beer. I remember tasting it for the very first time and I instantly fell in love with it. Oh, and download the Beer Safari video here.

What is it about Beer Witness News in the last 2 shows that just has this sense of impending doom about it? The stories are very serious, and it's definitely serious business. That's what makes it great. I wonder if people know how many of these laws are being lobbied about - laws that can change their rights to drink what they want, where they want. Once again, it's a public service to beer drinkers and everyone should catch your show - if nothing else, for Beer Witness News.

The trailer for Black Snake Moan looked really intriguing, and the article about her in Esquire was really good, but I read bad reviews so it looks like a DVD for me. Cannot wait for Spider-Man 3.

#6. sickpuppy, 17 years ago

The Reverend Horton Heat is coming to PGH next week, friend invited me to lunch with the Rev but I cant make it unfortunately!

B to the E sounds horrific!

Glad to see Dick will be brewing again, I myself am on that same path!

I really dont think that stopping the ads «on» college campuses would curb any amount of drinking,it's part of the college experience that will never go away! If it passes and the the drinking continues they will simply look for another scapegoat.

Congrats on the BYO article! Just read it today!

Great show once again and the Bear Republic beers sound awesome!


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