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By admin, 15 years and 4 months ago

Show 75 - Diamond Bear Beer Show

Diamond Bear Logo We're lucky enough to have a great selection of beers from a «local to us» brewery just 2 hours 38 minutes away in Little Rock, AR.

The Mary Carol Winkler verdict is in - manslaughter. Watch out guys - hide the shotgun!

Rick realizes that Irish Red's can be excellent when done right.

The music includes lots of Lynard Skynard covers from some of our favorite artists.

We do a beer haiku followed by rambling conversation about movies and presidents.

Remember to telepathically enter your questions for the BBQ&A.

Sorry guys - no news segment again. We've been recording at off times due to all the activities going on this time of year. We'll do our best to hookup with Rick Lyke again soon.

Beers we sampled this show...

  • Diamond Bear Pale Ale
  • Diamond Bear Irish Red
  • Diamond Bear Summer Blonde
  • Diamond Bear Honey Weiss
  • Diamond Bear Presidential IPA

Be entertained by the Diamond Bear here.


#1. Clarke, 15 years and 4 months ago

Whoooo! Good Lord fellas. You warmed up with Michelob? I haven't tasted that in years. Surprising sometimes how the old American classics can surprise you, right? Happened to me with Coor's last year. I was shocked - it wasn't that bad.

For the record, I'd like to think there are some good things that come out of Arkansas (including beer). You don't suppose the Presidential IPA was made as a pre-cursor to the . . . um, 2008 election maybe? Scratch that. Forget I even suggested such a thing. :-\

Man, I love the internet. Here's the history of the Taco. and nothing beats a street taco in Mexico. Gives you mixed emotions - they're cheap and delicious, but you're in Mexico.

The Departed rocked. Good movie suggestion, Dick. Everyone should see it. It's one of the best gangster flicks ever. DiCaprio is Scorsese's new DeNiro. He tends to use the hell out of actors. Early in Scorsese's career, it was Harvey Keitel in almost every film. Then it was DeNiro. Now it's DiCaprio. I think the kid's awesome, and they make great films together.

Great show guys. Felt like I was drinking those beers with you.


#2. David R. Gardiner, 15 years and 4 months ago

Great show. I wish I could have made it to the big eats. Maybe I'll get to see you if you ever head back out to California. I'll be headed in that direction before winter. Idaho is cool, but give me a break! I'm getting to old for all this cold weather.

#3. sickpuppy, 15 years and 4 months ago

«P.S. We have some fun at Sick Puppy's expense in this show. Sorry dude!»

Don't knock it till you try it boys! I was just given 2 beers from the early 90's! You wanna try em'?!!!

Great show once again, Claire's voice was smokin' and I LOVE Popa Chubby, seen him here in PGH a ton! Dude is incredible live! Helluva nice guy too!

#4. sickpuppy, 15 years and 4 months ago

dammit! wrong show comment!

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