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By admin, 15 years ago

Show 77 - Boscos Beer Show

Sorry for the delay folks, but the audio on this show has been quite difficult. First off, its a live show, our first attempt and we are a bit challenged on the mic. Having said that, the conversation and beer could not be better! Chuck Skypeck, brewmaster and founder of Boscos in Memphis, shares a lot of wisdom and experience with us about brewing beer, pairing food with beer, and a somewhat x-rated version of Rick tapping the keg! Great stuff every beer fan will enjoy. We also are joined by many of the folks at Boscos, staff and patrons alike. Add to that some great music by Blues Entertainer of the Year Tab Benoit and you have something for everyone.

Download this micro-brewed show here.


#1. David R. Gardiner, 15 years ago

Informative...entertaining....exciting...what more could an eager public ask for? Congrats, Rick, for thinking to fix the «Put the cock in the bunghole until it squirts» selection process. Now you have a perfect gift for a certain old friend when he arrives at your front door unexpectedly.
An extremely broad range of subjects this show. I would have to put it on the «required listening» list for people new to the beer brewing process in order for them to get up to speed on this sometimes confusing subject.
I can't wait for the next episode. Live is cool!

#2. Mike Bond, 15 years ago

The Boscos Beer Show was one of my favorites, I enjoyed talking to some of the people at the bar and of course Chuck. I can't wait until the next road trip.


#3. Clarke, 15 years ago

Really entertaining live show, guys. Great job with Chuck. The keg bit cracked me up - definitely something for the BFH highlight reel.

Chuck hit the nail on the head with Hefeweizen too. This whole serving it with a lemon business drives me crazy. If anyone I'm with orders theirs with a lemon, I'll torment them relentlessly.

The bit on beer pairing was great. I like Chucks approach to that, and the menu at Boscos sounds fantastic.

#4. Clarke, 15 years ago

Another thing - It was great to hear Chuck talk about the Real Ale festival. The last time they held it in Chicago, in 2003, my buddies and I hung out with the guys from Boscos and were floored with how good their beer was. They made a scottish ale that was perhaps the sweetest thing I tasted all weekend. They're great people, very knowledgeable about beer, and excellent brewmasters.

Sadly, Ray Daniels was not able to get that event back up on its feet again, even though he tried incredibly hard. My friends and I volunteered and poured for a few sessions (including the hard core Saturday night crowd) and I've never had more fun. They do a similar event in New England now, but it's not nearly as large. I hope it comes back to Chicago some day. I'd love to return to it.

#5. Administrator, 15 years ago

I didn't realize you had a history with Bosco's or with the Real Ale Fest! The onion that is Clarke continues to unfold. Very cool stories. I just had a cask ale porter the other night that knocked my socks off - people definitely need to go out of their way to try these!

#6. sickpuppy, 15 years ago

Great show guys! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Very informative and educational, loved the cask chat!

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