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By admin, 15 years ago

Show 78 - Clarkehead Brewery Show

Yep, its true. We have the ever elusive host of Dude Night and proprietor of Clarkehead Brewery on tap for this show! These cat based beers (a tiny portion of feline matter in every bottle) go down smooth. Too bad the conversation doesn't. Listen in as Phil shares his secrets for fantastic brews and food pairings. Things get ugly when we start discovering crystal meth as alleged secret ingredients and pair it with lung cancer. Listen to the show and you will understand all. Great beers, great tunes and a great soliloquy on why Beer is Art from Phil. Bottoms up!

Beers sampled this show:
Clarkehead Brewery Clarkeweizen
Clarkehead Brewery Fat Abbey
Clarkehead Brewery Hairy Porter

Download this show from the Big Foamy Head Hops and Meth Labs here.


#1. sickpuppy, 15 years ago

What the f*ck is up with the idiot politician Ophelia Ford, that b*tch is crazy!
Gotta hate cat hair in the beer, although I did try to stuff a cat INTO a bottle once… just kidding! It's nice to hear Claire is back! You gotta love that accent!

We had the fat abbey and the Le Pas de Chat but looking forward to more from Clarkehead Brewery in the future!

Can't wait for «My Life as a Foodie»!
Clarke and BFH have been a huge influence on my revisited homebrew hobby, thanks to you guys I am now back in the fold and have a hobby for life!

#2. Clarke, 15 years ago

Wow, I don't know what to say. This is a big day for me. I'm featured prominently on - and Clarkehead is front and center on the show. It's like a Beer Podcast Christmas.

Thanks for having me on guys, and for being so kind on the beers. That was a great show. Trapeze Monks - that's my new phrase. I love that. And Dick, you're on to something - a podcast for deaf people. There's a niche no one's bothered to corner.

Hey, great music too. :-)

Cheers guys! Thanks again.

#3. Mike Bond, 15 years ago

Clarke, I enjoyed the Beers, even the ones with cat hair and you would not belive the time involved to get the right music for the show. A podcast for deaf people?, is that like the sound of one hand clapping?


#4. David R. Gardiner, 15 years ago

Wow! What a breakthrough! It turns out that adding a few cat hairs to even an ordinary beer makes a world of difference. So, being a scientist at heart, I've done further testing. Cat hair brings out the natural flavors in beef ribs, bratwurst, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Interestingly enough, it doesn't do a thing for salmon. Just wait until the rest of the world gets wind of this! Great show guys, in an earth-shattering sort of way.

#5. Administrator, 15 years ago

Note to self, be careful when Dave offers you a beer, you'll be yakking up hairballs! 😉

#6. Craig Belanger, 15 years ago

Great show with great music! Dick was in RARE FORM!!! Had me laughing throughout! Keep it up guys!

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