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By admin, 16 years and 2 months ago

Show 108 - Drinking to Forget show

It was just one of those days. Time to drink to forget your blues. We have some great music this session from Chris Thomas King live on Beale St, Omar and the Howlers and some Tab Benoit. Listen in as we do a mini rants on actors and earth week, the state of health care and gubment run health care. Discussion of world wide rice shortages and our «final solution» to help that situation out... hint, it has something to do with buttweiser. We even do some barbeque discussion - winter must be over!

Beers we sampled on this show...

  • Brouwerij Bosteels Tripel Karmeliet (8.0% ABV)
  • Avery Brewing Company The Reverend (10.0% ABV)
  • Avery Brewing Company Samael Oak Aged English Strong Ale (14.5 ABV)
  • Terrapin Big Hoppy Monster (8.0% ABV) brewed in Frederick, MD (not Delaware!)

Troubled? Got the blues? Crack a beer and forget about it here.

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#1. samsorrells, 16 years and 2 months ago

How obscure is that? Omar is my homeboy from Hattiesburg, MS. I use to sneak into Jeremiah's when I was 16 years old to see him play. Another homeboy is Webb Wilder who used to play with The Drapes back in the day.

Keep up the good work!

#2. Phil, 16 years and 2 months ago

First of all, it's great to hear you guys back in the groove! Thanks for the shout-out, and for all of the kind words too. I greatly appreciate it. I love being part of the Beer Safari.

Glad to hear you guys spreading the word about the rice shortage. I hadn't made the Budweiser connection before Rick Sellers brought it up, so that was brilliant. Maybe some good could actually come out of it afterall.

Sounds like you guys enjoyed some really great beers on the show. I've had the Reverend on several occasions and it's a fantastic Belgian Quad. Deep and rich, fruity, sweet, simply awesome. It has everything I'm looking for in a strong Belgian.

Great discussion on politics, Oprah, etc. That woman's full of shit, and the leader of a cult. Socialized medicine will NOT work in this country, so I don't know why or how it became a platform for the Democrats. I notice there isn't a lot of discussion about that anymore. Now all they talk about is «Change» this and «Change» that. We need change, that much is certain. Let's get to it.

Iron Man is pretty kick ass, and (so far) the highest rated movie of the year. And yes Rick, I actually WENT TO THE THEATER to see it. I got lucky and had a good experience. 😀 Indiana Jones is next on my list.

Cheers dudes! Great beer talk, and great music. Go Hogfathers!!!!


#3. Kirk, 16 years and 2 months ago

As usual, it is nice hearing you both. The rice shortage and food shortage in general, I think, has the potential to destroy some countries in the not too distant future.

On the point of socialized medicine, I call bullshit. I am not sure how it is run in Canada, but in Germany it works very well, as well as in France. The way it works here is that anyone that earns less then 2800 euro per month falls under social medical system and has to pay the standard rate that falls between 13-15% of your income. That in turn means that a person that earns 2800 pays 360~ euro in medical per month. If you earn higher then 2800 it is mandatory to be privately insured. I pay 530 per month for my whole family.

I have never waited in a Dr.'s office longer then 45 minutes (that is for when I was under the social scheme as well as the private). And I have never had to schedule an appt. farther out then 1 month... and that was the dentist.

The reason I bring this up is that: I do not care about adults if they chose, or can, have insurance or not. But, the children; 100% must have insurance and it is a crime against humanity not to insure children. In Germany, we have heard the horror stories of your system and how it affects children.

By the way, the Doctors are payed for social services from a central fee tracking system, and separately from the private insurers. The 30% wouldn't fly here, as you may know from the strikes that happened in 2003 when the Docs were trying to get a tariff increase. I can see how only earning 1/3 or a reported expected income can be frustrating, but imagine getting paid half and receiving it from a central location instead of 5 insurance carriers.

What i mean is this: Socialized medicine does not and should not mean that citizens are not paying for their health care but that all citizens below a certain level pay the same percentage of their earnings on a mandatory basis.

Eat that BFH, hehe. Love your show and thanks for letting me vent. Oh and just to brag, I went to Belgium last weekend and picked up a bunch of Belgium malts from a homebrew shop there and 3 cases of Chimay, one red, one blue and the triple :p

take care and cheers,


#4. admin, 16 years and 2 months ago

Glad to hear things work out better OUS than here. Like I said, socialized medicine and socialism itself is a great concept - everyone takes care of everyone - but we obviously can't execute in the US. Oh, one more thing I didn't vent on, is that there's no FDA anywhere else, so drugs and technology gets to market faster outside the US.
Excellent about the Chimay! Hope you got to sit in one of the outdoor cafes where they have it on tap. That's the way to drink a Belgian beer. :) Don't get none on ya.

#5. admin, 16 years and 2 months ago

Hi Kirk, Rick here. My comment was that we're spending 4 times as much on health care then on defense, but to hear folks talk, the US is some backwoods country.

I sort of got that from your post. I found this on the web from 2005:
United States: $5,267 on health care/ $2,364 is government spending.
Canada: $2,931 on health care / $2,048 is government spending.
France: $2,736 on health care / $2,080 is government spending.

One of my issues is that our Government is supposed to be limited. The constitution specifically enumerates the power that the federal government has. Universal health care is not one of those powers. I prefer having a federalist republic then a nanny socialist state.

The governments job, despite what people think, is not to steal from the rich and give to the poor. We should all pay a fair share for the common services we get. I personally like the 15% flat tax. I probably sound harsh, but Uncle Sam should not be someones daddy.

I pay Federal Income Tax, Social Security Tax, Property Tax, Sales Tax and State Income tax. And additional excise taxes. And I pay the bulk of my health care insurance. Us middle class folks are getting the squeeze. Socialized medicine is just going to increase the tax load - and we will continue to get the shaft.

The gubment is too damn big and I don't get much from them.

#6. admin, 16 years and 2 months ago

Oh, the Chimay's fresh from Belgium is rocking stuff! Count your blessings Kirk!

#7. King Reign, 16 years and 2 months ago

Just heard this show. Nice rants, however some info about Socialized Medicine was incorrect. I am from Canada and my wife works at a hospital. There is no problem with our socialized health care. If you have a serious problem, you are taken care of right away. Sure, there is some waiting for surgery, but if it is important enough, you will get help quickly. I have always wondered why Americans put down our health care when they don't live here. You sounded just like your politicians who bad mouth our health care system I have seen on tv. They are liars, every one of them. Bought off of course.

#8. admin, 16 years and 2 months ago

King Reign,

Thanks for commenting. I believe Dicks comment was «you'd be surprised how many Canadian license plates are seen at our hospitals.» I understand Canada has very good hospitals, but you can WAIT a long time if it's not considered important.

Personally, I am not happy that drugs from our Pharmaceutical companys are sold in Canada for a fraction of the price we pay - either we're subsidizing our friends to the north or we are being over charged! Something is wrong there. Depends on who you ask I guess.

I hope that you aren't implying that we are liars - we're just opinionated middle aged white men. -- Rick

#9. Groucho, 16 years and 1 month ago

Great show... Loved the political talk... Surprised you could brave these intolerant times to say such brave things!!!

The Reverend rocks! He is an old favorite for us... Need to check him out again.

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