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By admin, 17 years and 3 months ago

Show 40 - Dogfish Head Beer Show

Dogfish Head SignJoin us as we get back to our standard show format. We are releasing Show 40 before Show 39 because we needed some content files to finish Susans big birthday beer bash show, but we're also trying to clear the queue for our big 1 year anniversary beer bash show. More info then you ever wanted to know? You betcha... on with the show!

Dogfish Head Beers we sampled during this show...

Musical selections

  • Buddy Guy and Koko Taylor, Born Under a Bad Sign.
  • George Thorogood and the Destroyers, I Drink Alone.
  • Buddy Guy, It's Still Called the Blues
  • The unofficial BFH theme song!

Put hair on your chest by listening here! (44:52)


#1. Kirk, 17 years and 3 months ago

Long time listener, love your show. Just wondering if you can send me or post your recipe for your «Aprihop» copy.

Keep the BBQ hot and the beer fresh.

#2. Administrator, 17 years and 3 months ago

Thanks for the comment Kirk. Our first «.de» email address! :) Gotta love the international reach of the internet.

I watched Dick brew this, so I can get the majority of the recipe. The base was a «True Brew Pale Ale» extract kit, but he added Curaçao, ground coriander seed, and 2 pounds of apricot puree (1 pound in the primary, 1 pound in the secondary).

#3. Groucho, 17 years and 3 months ago

Great show... Glad to see you found a good «closing» music. Really hits home.

Dogfishhead is a great brand. Its hard to argue with any of there versions of your favorite beers. Great show idea.

Cant wait for Susan's birthday show... Any footage of that pillow fight?


#4. Susan, 17 years and 2 months ago

Hey I tried the 90 minute IPA at the pool party... I thought it was pretty good..of course, I had it right after one of Carol's extra strong it is hard to say what I was tasting!

#5. Clarke, 17 years and 2 months ago

You know, that 120 minute IPA is a little over the top, but it's definitely something I think anyone who's really into beer should try at least once. It's a shame it's so damned expensive.

I enjoyed listening to Christy's reaction to it. Cough Medicine! That's too much. That's an awesome endorsement. 😀

Don't let anyone tell you this is your «Maudite» because there aren't too many of those guys who would really say they totally enjoyed it either.

#6. Administrator, 17 years and 2 months ago

I had some other beer connoisseur's try it and we're pretty much all in agreement. Interesting beer, glad I tried it, won't go out of my way to have more. Now the 90 minute Imperial IPA... that stuff rocks my boat!

Thanks for chiming in Clarke!


#7. Jeffrey T. Meyer, 17 years and 2 months ago

Catching up on my BFH listening. Show sounds great! I love 90. I have not done it for a long time but I used to do half 60 and half 90 draft, calling it a 75.


#8. jakob, 17 years and 2 months ago

I really liked this show - great music. It made me go out and by a George Thorogood CD. Wish the 90 min. IPA was just as accessible in Europe.

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