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Show 45 - Hops and Homebrews

Join us as we get our hops on. This show features a great selection of hoppy beers, both British and American style IPAs. We talk with our pal James Spencer of Basic Brewing Radio about hops and how they can really make, or break, a beer style. Semi-scary, but beer-related story about Hop Devils (listen with the lights out). Musical guest du jour is Little Milton, a fantastic blues and soul legend. Some more chili discussion ensues, and we have some spicy man-style show snacks to go with our hoppy beers.

Beers we sampled during this show...

Texas Chili Judging

Chili Recipes

Listen to your inner hophead and download this show now.


#1. Ken "BiggMakk" McCrory, 16 years ago

Hey guys! Was the audio editing done after a few brews? There is a lot of silence in the middle. It starts at 23:07 and «noise» doesn't start again until 44:29. I subscribe through iTunes and sometimes files get corrupted so I downloaded another copy from the feedburner feed. It was the same. I downloaded another copy from this web site. I too has the silence. Was this an attempt to silence James Spencer? ;>) I subscribe to his podcasts as well so was interested in what he had to say on your podcast.

#2. Administrator, 16 years ago

No, no attempt to silence James. He's a great guy and we enjoy spending time with him. His interview was on CD-ROM and it apparently didn't copy to the final product. We'll correct and repost as soon as possible. You many have to go to your iTunes directory and delete the show to download the updated version. We'll post on the site as soon as the show is corrected. Sorry about the hassles! Thanks for listening.


Update... This has been corrected. Sorry about the hassles. I couldn't quite figure out how to get iTunes to grab the updated file, so please listen to the audio from the site if you happened to download the bad version. No conspiracys here!

#3. Clarke, 16 years ago

IPA rocks. Great show. I'm a hop-head from way back. 😉 Gotta love the cousin too! I think there's a right way and a wrong way to do IPA, and more often than not nowadays it's just done plain wrong. People make out-of-balance hop bombs and those aren't IPAs. You picked some real gems.

Loved the interview with James. Brilliant discussion on IPA.

#4. Rick, 16 years ago

Another fantastic show, even though I can only get my hands on one of them there beers (Bridgeport). Sierra Nevada makes a better-than-decent English IPA that may make it's way out where you are. Of course, the classic West Coast IPA is Lagunitas - which claims superiority over any IPA Stone puts out. I think that has good distribution too.

James has a Blond where? And the drapes match the carpet? What?! I just think that any drape or carpet in a batch of brew would provide serious off flavors. And my wife would kick my @ss if I got homebrew on either. :) Great interview with Sir Spencer, highly educational AND entertaining.

For future brewing days... I have been enjoying Simcoe hops lately, in bittering and aroma. In NorCal the brewers all got together for a single hopped IPA made with the new Summit hops - I am itching to try that one soon too.

#5. Administrator, 16 years ago

Thanks for the comments Rick ( I've been hearing a lot about Simcoe, but I'm not absolutely certain I've tried any yet. I am looking forward to sampling some Lagunitas in the very near future when I travel to CA again. Someone should come out with a beer named «Simcoe Hopped IPA.» Truth in labeling! It'd be better then «Dogs Belly Crusty IPA» or whatever the marketing geniuses come up with!? Now you see why I'm not in marketing.

#6. Rick, 16 years ago

HA! Well, Bear Republic in Healdsburg, CA, recently had a Simcoe IPA, strangely enough. It was a single hopped IPA that was quite tasty. Along the same lines, before mentioned IPA brewed here in NorCal was called Summit IPA at each brewery (single hopped as well, Summit hops). You can order Simcoe online at for $0.80/oz. Only consistant supplier I have seen.

Coming to CA again? Do tell. I am in Sacto, but travel all the time to regional breweries (NorCal). Maybe I can buy you a pint if I am lucky.

#7. sickpuppy, 15 years and 11 months ago

Hey guys, FINALLY got a chance to catch up and listen to this show! I love the Samuel Smith India Ale and the Victory is one of my local favorites!

Great show and great interview with James Spencer!

#8. Administrator, 15 years and 11 months ago

Sickpuppy, you guys at were the ones we were referring to when we said «the guys in PA should give us some leeway». Because Victory is in your backyard, I was afraid you'd think it was common and/or plain. Very tasty hopdevil! Actually, now that I look at a map, Downingtown isn't THAT close to Pittsburgh.

#9. sickpuppy, 15 years and 11 months ago

I thought you guys might have been referring to us! No worries! We love the Victory beers! If you guys would like to try different victory beers, just email us and we can hook you up!

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