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By admin, 17 years and 5 months ago

Show 53 - Great Pumpkin Beer Show

We are joined by the Beer Wives on this show to review a medley of Pumpkin Beers. Since it is that time of the year, specialty beers are popping up and we are not afraid to try them. Music today is LIVE blues (not necessarily live people, but live music) since thats the way to really listen to it. Performers are Albert King, Black Crowes and Barbecue Bob (the real dead one). Audio on this show is a bit weird so try not to get uncomfortable with mouth-breathing noises... We also discovered that getting the beer wives settled down to do a show is sort of like herding cats.

Beers we sampled this show...

Download this slice of pumpkin pie here.


#1. Clarke, 17 years and 5 months ago

As always, it's good to hear the Beer Wives on the show - until they start counting how many empty bottles are laying around. Also interesting to hear a «BBQ Bob» that doesn't sound like Captain Spaulding. Getting your wife on mic is always a plus. 😀

Glad Rick's wife talked about the actual health benefits of beer. Moderation is the key of course, but there are health benefits to beer that really don't get mentioned enough. Way to go.

Damn those pumpkin beers. You know, they have their place. And I do enjoy drinking ONE around Halloween. Doing more than that is pure dedication to your craft.

So of all of the Pumpkin Beers you guys had, which did you like the most? You never said.

#2. Administrator, 17 years and 5 months ago

Clarke, Thanks for the note... 0 comments make me worry! :) I think AB's «Jacks Pumpkin Spice Ale» won the evening. I'm like you though, I won't go out of my way to have a pumpkin beer so it's hard to claim a winner amongst the marginal beers.

#3. Michael, 16 years ago

Is the mp3 still available? I keep getting a file error when I try to listen to it.

I'm lovin' the other episodes though (I'm working my way through the archives now).

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