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By admin, 15 years ago

Show 79 - Another Damn Belgian Beer Show

It is not that we don't love a good Belgian Beer. It just seems like we are always drinking them. But that is not such a bad thing, is it? We dive into some left-of-center Belgians, courtesy of Kenny, Friend of Show, as we recover from our gigantic neighborhood barbecue that we catered. We crank up the bluesometer with some guitar-driven blues from Tommy Castro, our buddy George Thorogood, and Tinsley Ellis with a song about monkeys that leads to some life observations - sort of. And, sadly, we make an announcement about Rick's new field position. Could this be a good thing in disguise? Will Rick discover new beers in the wilderness of Colorado? Or will things go to hell in a handbasket resulting in Rick turning to a life of panhandling and dancing a spastic little jig in front of tourists for quarters - again. Tune in and find out!

Brother Thelonius from North Coast Brewing
Trois Pistoles from Unibroue
Abbey Brown Ale from Corsendunk
And lots of Jack Daniels

Download this tearjerker and monkeyspanker of a show here.


#1. specialed, 15 years ago

Put that Claire on more, I like her comments......shes fun knee

#2. Craig Belanger, 15 years ago

You guys brought you «A-Game» to this show! (Or is that your «BBB-Game» . . . even though Dick's not sure of the order.) I just hope that Dick DOES NOT work at Frito-Lay!!! Keep brewing!!!

#3. Clarke, 15 years ago

Fun show again, dudes. You picked some FINE beers too. I really like each one of those brews, especially Brother Thelonius. You have great taste. Not sure I could handle the JD chasers. That's pretty heavy. Were any of these made by those Trapeze Monks? 😉

Rick, you're dedicated to your craft, dude. To quit your job so you can do full-time field reporting for the show - you're a pro. I wish Gonso showed that kind of dedication.



#4. Groucho, 15 years ago

CHUD misses so much by not listening to podcasts. At any given time he might have 2 or 3 talking about him!

Great show... I have to wonder after hearing about the BBQ update... How you guys don't have black lung from all the smoking! My God!

As luck would have it.. I have a Brother Thelonious just sitting at the compound... Now I have to sit on it since you guys just drank one!!! Don't want to copycat the boys from Memphis.

Good luck on the move d00d... I guess you are going to pull an Eggs from now on?


#5. David R. Gardiner, 15 years ago

Good luck, Rick. The show isn't going to be the same without you.

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