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By admin, 16 years and 3 months ago

Show 28 - The Little Beer Show

In this action-packed episode of Big Foamy Head, we find our heroes getting small. No, not what you're thinking - we're exploring little known beers that you find around the country. Kenny hooked us up with beer from the Northwest. You can get more info on these beers at the links below. Also, our podcast friends sent us music from the Damon Fowler group - great blues at a low, low price. Throw in some beer news about Buddhist Monks and the women who love them and you've got a show. Prost!

Beers we sampled on this show...

  • Naughty Nellies, Pikes Brewery
  • Dick Danger Ales, Dicks Brewing Company
  • Scuttlebutt Brewing Company Amber Ale
  • Snipes Mountain Sunnyside Pale Ale, Special Best Bitter

Damon Fowler Group can be found at

TEASER: Visit Rick's crazy All Grain Beer Sculpture - we'll tell you what this is next show.

Live a little and listen to this mp3 here.


#1. CAmes, 16 years and 3 months ago

Relatively new to your podcast, listening from NW Washington. I was stoked to hear your tastings of some WA brews. If you get the chance, Dick's Brewing does not make a bad beer, in my opinion.

#2. Groucho, 16 years and 3 months ago

Another great show... Thanks for playing the Damon Fowler! I think you were right in saying that it fits right into your vibe. Glad you enjoyed it!


#3. Trafford, 16 years and 3 months ago

Thanks for the note about the website. I'm getting caught up on your podcast and have a question. I want to start to home brewing and I'm looking for a «Starter» kit. I haven't tried brewing before and would like to start simple (minimal investment) until I'm sure this is something that I want to do and have time for.

I made a trip over the weekend to the Walgreen's in West Memphis had was quite surprised by the selection. I had to invest in the New Belgium offerings and tried a few new ones too.

Thanks and I really enjoyed the podcast.

Trafford Seymour

#4. Administrator, 16 years and 3 months ago


Sorry about the delay in responding to you. Beer making is a hobby. One of the most rewarding hobbies a beer drinker can have, but still, a hobby. You can try a Mr. Beer Kit. Basically it's dehydrated beer, just add water. But you won't get the taste I'm sure your looking for - particularly if you're willing to drive to West Memphis for a good beer selection. I recommend you a) assume your going to enjoy this and b) invest in enough equipment to get you started. I always buy the bulk of my equipment online -
Midsouth malts ( is a great local resource too if you don't like online shopping.

Most of all, enjoy some suds and have fun. Be patient... it's about the process, not finish line. The fastest you can go from brewing to drinking bottle conditioned beer is 4 weeks, but 6 weeks is my personal minimum. I have one batch that I'm aging for a full year.

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