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By admin, 16 years and 6 months ago

Show 38b - BBQ Beer Fest (part 2)

Superbowl of SwineWe continue onward with our coverage of the Memphis in May Barbecue Festival. We finish up Thursday night and head into Friday and the judging of the Anything But contests. Meet some more of the team and try to tell if we have been drinking or not.

Beers featured on this show are ...

Musical guests are 19th Street Red and Paul Thorn.

Photo Gallery from BBQ Fest! (4 pages)

Download this saucy show here!


#1. Marcus, 16 years and 6 months ago

Just listened to the show. Sounded like a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to pix of the food and cooking setups if/when you can post 'em.

#2. sickpuppy, 16 years and 5 months ago

Another great show! Made me hungry listening to all that talk about the food!!

#3. Susan, 16 years and 5 months ago

Good Show! Loved the «Holy Ghost» song. Harry Connick did a great version at the Concert at the Botanic Gardens a couple of years ago(or was it Lyle Lovett? Now I can't remember, cause we saw both of them)

#4. Clarke, 16 years and 5 months ago

Sorry, I'm just getting around to commenting on this one after hearing it a second time.

You know, the more I listen to you guys at these fests, the better you sound. You ask all the right questions, especially when it comes to things like smoking ribs the right way (which many people have no idea about). The stacking method was fascinating. Very educational.

I swear (and I'm not just kissing up) - you guys do a better job of covering these things than those yahoos on the Food Network. Bloody brilliant. Excellent interview.

Nice job guys. Downloading the new one now.


#5. Father spoon, 16 years and 5 months ago

Go Reeves! That has to be one proud daddy to have his 11yr old workin the wings.

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