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By admin, 14 years ago

Show 47 - German Alt Beer Show

Pulled Butt!

The show Rick has been waiting for. We explore a style of beer called German Alt, a not too hoppy, not too sweet type of beer. We also get into the Chitlin Circuit and explore the region of barbecue known as the butt. Great music, fantastic beer and butt jokes galore in this exciting installment of Big Foamy Head.

Beers we sampled this show...

BBQ Guru Pork Injection Marinade

Crack open an old style German beer and enjoy this show here.


#1. Charlie the Beer Guy, 14 years ago

Terrific show as always, guys. I love the alts. It's a shame the style's not more prevalent, it's extremely drinkable.

Thanks for the good words about my 'cast. In case you're curious, I've got a very short response to the «critiquing» I received on the next SoB.

Speaking of not hating, I've got no problem with being generally positive about beer. In my opinion, this is the best time in history to be a beer drinker, with so many tasty examples out there. And that includes Maudite:)

#2. Administrator, 14 years ago

Charlie, I ran into one of your friends at Stone. I think she was involved with the Mike & Evo show. I told her to tell you I said «Hi!». She's on the far left in this photo. She left our conversation to get into this picture! 😉

#3. Charlie the Beer Guy, 14 years ago

That would «Karen from Kalifornia», writer and producer of the skit that so inflamed Groucho, CHUD, Greg, etc. She also submits content to Michael & Evo's Wingin' It, and produces her own podcast, «The Bunkcast»:

She's a sweety, and a big fan of the Stone brews (obviously!).

#4. Clarke, 14 years ago

So in the South, Boy Scouts go door-to-door selling pork butts? Here on the west coast, all they ever offer are candy bars, cookies, or subscriptions to magazines you don't want (and will never receive). Living in the South has it's advantages, obviously. Give me a fatty pork roast over candy bars any damned day.

As always, I learn stuff on BFH. This time, the chitlin circuit. I dig the fact that if you're not 28 or over, you can't get in to see the show. Take that, you 27 year old kids!!!

Excellent show once again, guys. I had Rick's alt when he brought it here earlier this month, and I'd put it up against any commercial alt bier - just fantastic.

#5. Administrator, 14 years ago

Thanks for the comment on the AltBier. It means a lot to me coming from you Clarke!


Your beers are out of this world exceptionally good. On our next show, we have a fun time discussing how only one out of 4 made it back to Memphis. I couldn't resist trying them!

#6. Rick, 14 years ago

Wow. You guys know how to have a good time and how to make Californian's laugh out loud. I had NO idea that I had NO idea what a pork butt was, it just seems like it should be the butt of a pig!!! Informative, entertaining, high quality goods. A great listen and time well spent.

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