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Show 129 - Brew Dog Show

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In Memoriam:

  • Homebrew Milk Stout
  • Brew Dog RipTide Stout
  • Brew Dog Punk IPA
  • Brew Dog Storm IPA

Remember the Chris Farley Show interviews on Saturday Night Live? Remember those? Those were awesome. Remember when we interviewed James Watt at the GABF World Brewers Forum? Remember that? That was awesome.

We are reliving that moment by enjoying some awesome Brew Dog beers. Dick and Mike warm up with a home Brewed Milk Stout then get swept away by a RipTide twisted merciless stout. Rick starts with a bomber of Punk IPA, a post modern classic pale ale, then is caught in a Storm - a very unique Islay Whisky Cask Aged IPA.

Add some music from Tommy Castro, a tax related Beer Haiku and you have an episode of BigFoamyHead.

Click here to hear a taste of Scotland!

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Show 128 - Back to Beer Show

Back to beer. We start this show with Avery Brewing Companies Brabant. A very nice sour ale aged in Mephistopheles Wine Barrels from Norman Vineyards. It's Avery's first barrel aged beer in what will hopefully be a long line of beers to come.

Then we follow up with some nice German beers - Weltenburger Kloster Barock Dunkel, Weltenburger Kloster Asam Bock and Schwanenbrau Das Schwarze. Mike cracks open a homebrewed Three Hearted Ale (Northern Brewer kit), followed by a Sam Adams Imperial Wit.

Music by the late Willie King, Alabama blues man.

Class and culture includes a book review of The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx and Beer Haiku.

Link to audio here.

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Show 127 - The Kettle House Brewing Beer Show

We take a trip to Missoula Montana this show with two 16 ounce cans of craft beer from Kettle House Brewing Company provided by friend of show Mitch!  Thanks Mitch.

We give a shout out to our friends at the who are approaching their 50th show - congratulations Groucho, CHUD, AB, Margaret and the rarely heard but ever present Homeless Hoopmaster.

Music this show is from Blind Mississippi Morris.

Beers we sampled:

  • Kettle House Brewing Company Cold Smoke Scotch Ale
  • Kettle House Brewing Company Double Haul IPA

Cast your lines and listen here.

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Show 125 - Mikkeller Beer Show

We get to sample some really great beers this show from a very talented Danish Brewer.  Mikkel Borg Bjergsø is running Mikkeller as a one man operation. Mikkel is a «gipsy-brewer» - he rents into breweries, brewing in Denmark, around Europe and the United States.

We also recorded the Christmas Beer Tasting from the KROC annual party.  Scott Jackson did a great job presenting the beers - post here.

Dave Browns pictures from a German Brewery - post here.

Beers we sampled this show...

- Jackie Brown
- Struise Mikkeller (Elliot Brew)
- All Others Pale Ale
- Stateside IPA
- Big Worse Barleywine
- Some anonymous mead we're pretty sure was Mikes Purple Panty Dropper.

Music by James Hunter, The White Stripes and many other samples in the beer-music pairings.

Technical difficulties and issues abound in this offbeat disjointed venture to Denmark, but by the power of editing out huge chunks and several redo's we pulled it off!

Tongue tied and addled audio is here.

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Show 123 - Post GABF Beer Show

Okay, what do you do after 3 days at the Great American Beer Festival followed by a downtown Denver pub crawl?  Go home, drink some more beer and record a podcast.  This is a rare show recorded at the BigFoamyHead Studio West.   We are a little incoherent, somewhat obnoxious.  but generally funny.  At least we amused ourselves!

We introduce a «new to us» feature - beer and music pairings. 

Beers we sampled during this show...

Best when served with a beer.  Click here to flashback to early Bock/Rock/October!

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Show 119 - The Bittersweet Beer Show

This show was recorded weeks ago and some of the topics are dated.  Actually, you should skip the third segment all together if you're easily offended by language, race or politics.  Hey, that means you easily offended person - skip the third segment!  Don't say you weren't warned!

We show our friends from Illinois, Groucho and CHUD from some long over due love.  Then we discuss the Olympics in great detail.  Beer Haiku and great blues from Big Mama Thornton and Stevie Ray round up this bittersweet beer show.

Beers we sampled this show:

  • Boulevard Double Wide IPA
  • Deschutes Hop Henge Imperial IPA
  • Stone Brewing Company 12th Anniversary Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout (thanks Phil!)
  • Left Hand Brewing Company Imperial Stout
  • Albert Le Coq Imperial Extra Double Stout

If you're bitter, listen here... if you're sweet, well same show, same place.

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Show 110 - The Spare Beer Show

You might think, to paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, that «this is a show about nothing.» 

Au Contraire mon cheri - this show is about the things we love - beer, blues and BBQ!  I know, you are stunned.  It's our «wrap up» show from the Memphis in May Beale Street Music Festival '08.   Dick and Rick sitting around by the lake on a warm Monday afternoon cleaning out the beer fridge «spares», cooking some BBQ chicken. listening to tunes and shooting the breeze.  Self serving and gratuitous? You betcha.  So?  Music samplings from Backdoor Slam, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Carl Simms and Hot Monkey Love.  In the words of Ace Ventura, pet detective... «Alrighty then!» - let's get to it!

Beers we sampled:

  • Full Sail Vesuvius (8.5%)
  • Bison Reunion '08 Organic Red Rye Ale (6.5%)
  • Dogfish Head Chateau Jiahu (9%)
  • Aecht Schlenkerla Helles Lagerbier (4.3%)
  • Asahi Sparks Energy Drink (7%)
  • Avery Brewing Company 2008 Samael (15.53%)
  • Aktienbrauerei Kaufbeuren Buronator Doppelbock (7.5%)
  • Oskar Blues Old CHUB Scottish Style Ale (8%)

Dowload this show now!


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Show 112 - The Boulder Beer Show

We had so much fun recording this show, we decided to just jump to it and defer the editting nightmares of our last two shows.  Boulder Beer Co is one of the oldest micro breweries out there (43rd to be precise) and the first in Colorado.  Nestled in Boulder Valley in a building known as the «goat shed» in view of the ever present «flat irons» rock formation at the foot of the Rockies.

We honor the passing of another influential musician - Bo Diddley passed away on June 2nd, 2008.  Bo was instrumental in bridging the Blues and the beginning of Rock-n-Roll with his signature rectangular guitar.

Join us as we explore our latent thespian talent - the BigFoamyHead interpretive dance theatre gives you not one, but two pieces of audio class and culture... a brilliant bit of acting in ModernDrunkardMagazines «Drunks in Space» and a haiku from BeerHaikuDaily.  It can't get any better then that. But wait - it does! Theres more! Whoa.  Mike goes varment huntin and we all express opinions on polygamy. 

Beers we sampled

  • Boulder Beer Company Never Summer Ale (5.9%)
  • Boulder Beer Company Hazed and Infused (4.85%)
  • Boulder Beer Company Sweaty Betty (5.9%)
  • Boulder Beer Company Obovoid (7.5%)

Dowload this show now!

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Show 108 - Drinking to Forget show

It was just one of those days. Time to drink to forget your blues. We have some great music this session from Chris Thomas King live on Beale St, Omar and the Howlers and some Tab Benoit. Listen in as we do a mini rants on actors and earth week, the state of health care and gubment run health care. Discussion of world wide rice shortages and our «final solution» to help that situation out... hint, it has something to do with buttweiser. We even do some barbeque discussion - winter must be over!

Beers we sampled on this show...

  • Brouwerij Bosteels Tripel Karmeliet (8.0% ABV)
  • Avery Brewing Company The Reverend (10.0% ABV)
  • Avery Brewing Company Samael Oak Aged English Strong Ale (14.5 ABV)
  • Terrapin Big Hoppy Monster (8.0% ABV) brewed in Frederick, MD (not Delaware!)

Troubled? Got the blues? Crack a beer and forget about it here.

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Show 101 - Big Beer Show

Okay, we don't have a theme for the beers this time, except they are all big high alcohol beverages. Several of them are Brewers reserves. Yum.

Join us for a discussion of the Big Beer, Belgians and Barleywine festival in Vail, CO. It's bockalicious©!

Music from Little Johnny Taylor, who's talkin'bout a part-time love. We're all about the monkey-love this show. Beer news regarding release parties from Avery and Boulder Beer Company and nanny-state oppression down-under.

We have a heartfelt touching moment during the show where Dick graciously accepts the «Douche of the Year» award from the fine folks over at the BN. He did not thank Jesus or his mother, but it will bring moisture to your eyes - it makes you proud to be an American. Just think - we win «Man of the Year» from Time Magazine and now this, «Douche of the Year!» We get some of the BN Army guys to comment on this momentous occassion - thanks to the guys from the Liquid Poets Homebrew Club in Ft. Collins, CO for playing along!

We announce the winner of the «Sexiest Beer Alive»... Listen in to find out who wins!!

Beer Haiku from Captain Hops at

Mike raises questions regarding an American legend - the Duke. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

New Holland Brewing Company - Moxie Sour Ale
Bluegrass Brewing Company Jefferson Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout
Unibroue 16 (10% abv)
Left Hand Brewing Company Twin Sisters Imperial/Double IPA (9.6% abv)
Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout
Schlafly Reserve Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels(10.5%)

Loose your reservations and listen to this feature packed show here.

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